Open Letter to Victorian Govt, Tribunal, on Due Process, Fair Hearing and Natural Justice

… ☞☞☞ … This unprecedented and history making trial starts at 10.00 am on Monday 21 May 2012 and will be held at 55 King Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Between 100 – 200 witnesses, including PM Gillard, AG Roxon, MHR Turnbull, 9 MPs, 16 Judges, 10 Govt Agency Heads and more will testify. Many have been Summoned against their will to produce evidence and to give evidence at these Victorian Government Tribunal hearings … ☞☞☞ …

   On 21 May 2012 the Victorian Government is conducting an inquiry into the absence of professional standards in the Australian (Victorian) legal profession, and at the broad intersection of the legal profession with the upper benches of all three branches of State and Federal government (benches that these days look like little more than an exclusive lawyers club).

This unprecedented and history making trial starts at 10.00 am on Monday 21 May 2012 and will be held at 55 King Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Recently Gillardtined Former Australian Attorney-General, the Federal MHR for Barton, Robert McClelland is the first of 9 present and past Parliamentarians / Cabinet Ministers (including Prime Minister Julia Gillard, new Australian Attorney-General Nicola Roxon and, at State level, Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu, Victorian Attorney-General Robert Clark, former Victorian Premiers John Brumby, Jeff Kennett, and former Victorian Attorney-General Rob Hulls, all up, 9 Federal and State Ministers of Parliament, 16 past and present Judges, 10 past and present Government Agency Heads and over 50 Senior Public Servants – (all lawyers) who have been Summoned to Appear) to confirm that he will cooperate in the production of documents and in testifying at these hearings.

“Newsworthy?  When was the last time so many State and Federal MPs, Judges, Government Agency Heads and senior public servants were keel-hauled into their own forum, according to their own rules, to be questioned on such weighty (and self-incriminating) matters – where the rules of the forum have stripped them from any claims to refuse to answer questions on the grounds of self-incrimination?

This is an open invitation to the media and to the public to attend the hearings.  Come and, look, listen, laugh and learn as leading Australian lawyers, lawmakers, governmen and governwomen (the Australian lawyerocracy elite) are put on trial and compelled to answer questions that they have been avoiding, for generations.


The following is my letter today to the Victorian Government (4 key publicly-funded, lawyer-dominated government agencies, including the Department of Premier and Cabinet and Premier Ted Baillieu himself), requesting due process, fair hearing and natural justice be observed for the 3 days of the hearing next week.

It includes embedded links I have added to give  you access to the copies of my correspondences exchanged this week with former Australian Federal Attorney General Robert McClelland (including a mysterious letter I received from the then Leader of the Opposition Mr Malcolm Turnbull (who has also been summonsed to testify at these Lawyerocracy on Trial hearings).

Please forgive any formatting glitches that creep in during the translation from “Word” to “WordPress”.

James Johnson, Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor


James Johnson

Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor

B.Ec (Hons). LLB. Mem CLA. Mem MEAA. Journalist. Whistleblower. Independent Documentary Maker

The Crucible” || “Soylent Green and Gold”


mail: PO Box 6137 Point Cook

Victoria Australia 3030

sms: +61 (0)401 865 914 (text only)





To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men. – Abraham Lincoln



We are now living in a world … where whistleblowers are traitors and journalists are enemy combatants. – Christine Assange

14 May 2012

The Legal Practice List Coordinator

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

55 King Street Melbourne Victoria 3000

by facsimile: 03 9628 9788 (10 pages in total)

( Telephone: 03 9628 9081 )

cc: Special Investigations Unit [Fax No. Withheld]

CC: Mr Michael McGarvie – Legal Services Commissioner

Level 9, 330 Collins Street Melbourne Victoria 3000

by facsimile: 03 9679 8101

( Telephone: 03 9679 8001 )

CC: George Brouwer

State Government Ombudsman – Victoria

Level 9, 459 Collins Street, Melbourne Victoria Australia

by facsimile: 9614 0246

telephone: 9613 6222

CC: Ted Baillieu

Honourable Member for Hawthorn, and Premier of Victoria

325 Camberwell Road, Camberwell, Victoria Australia

by facsimile: 9882 4051

telephone: 9882 4088

Dear Sirs / Madams

Michael McGarvie – Legal Services Commissioner v Harold James Johnson

I refer to the above unlawful, criminal prosecution which is set down for trial at VCAT, 55 King Street Melbourne, Australia beginning at 10 am on Monday 21 May 2012.

I also refer to my letter of 5 May 2012 comprising a “with prejudice settlement offer” in accordance with VCAT rules. I will shortly be transmitting to all addressees a revised “with prejudice settlement offer”.

 Legal Authority warns VCAT and LSC officers that government officer reprisals against whistleblowers are illegal in the State of Victoria

In my letter of 5 May 2012 I pre-noted for the record my disappointment at the grotesque violations of High Court principles of fair hearing and natural justice, Kable, Kirk and Johnson violations that were inflicted on me (including twice in my unavoidable absence) by VCAT and its sister government bureaucratic agency, the Legal Services Commissioner and his team of a dozen staff members and maintenancing of this shambolic Whistleblower Protection Act 2001 violating political prosecution against me. When I count Mr McGarvie’s team as rounding out to a dozen people (hardly fair, ganging 12 to 1 up on me) I am not counting the assistance to them from another legion of publicly-paid public-servant lawyers from other government agencies with multiple, vested and improper interests in the outcome of this process) in its and their barratry, championing (on behalf of itself and other government agencies). Combined with unlimited government agency access to public funds, this little piece of civil lawfare (strictly speaking criminal false prosecution) is pitched by a cartel of government of Goliath’s against a humble poverished David who has been well and truly stripped to his loins. Hardly justice, democracy, rule of law. Hardly Victorian Attorney-General’s model litigation stuff. Hardly a demonstration of government “for the peace welfare and good [government] of the people.” Quite all the opposites in fact, a sickening display of unbridled, unchecked, unbalance and out of control government aggression, all because I defended myself against a blatantly fraudulent legal claim all those years ago, a piece of blackmail and extortion (“barratry”, “champetery” and “maintenance”) from and through practitioners from a corrupted, unconstitutional, killer Australian family law system. And as if I am the only victim of such genocidal abuses. And as if I am the only whistleblower on the corruption. There are dozens of legally credentialled whistleblowers who have spoken more loudly, with more damning words, and from far less devastated circumstances, than I am being persecuted over.

In my letter of 5 May 2012 I indicated that I would be sending a formal written whistleblowers complaint to the Senior Tribunal Member who heads up this ‘Legal Practice List’, my former colleague of many years, Judge Michael F MacNamara.

I advise, to state the obvious, that I am a lone David, who after suffering years of abuse and reprisals from the Victorian government (and a hydra of publicly-funded, lawyer-dominated, lawyer-built-owned-operated Goliath government agencies) has barely a loin-cloth left to defend myself against these latest rounds of outrageous reprisals. Accordingly, it will be another day or so before I am able to have drawn up this preliminary whistleblower complaint (by no means exhaustive and probably just an outline of dot points) in a form that I judge acceptable, even in these extraordinary circumstances, to transmit to Judge MacNamara. I ask that the Tribunal factor this into its schedule for the carriage of this matter this week.

I also demand that each of Mr Michael McGarvie and his staff be held personally, disciplinarially (within the 4 walls of VCAT) and criminally liable for these violations of parliamentary law (Whistleblowers Protection Act 2001), not one but two separate sets of Supreme Court of Victoria rulings, and their wilful and deliberate misuses of their statutory powers, by repeated reprisals against me, whilst failing to properly use their statutory powers to investigate and hold acccountable to justice my false accusers inside the ranks of the legal profession and government, ranks whom each of Michael McGarvie have so clearly joined.

While I demand that each of Mr Michael McGarvie and his staff be personally brought to justice by VCAT and other organs of government (bureaucratic, judicial and parliamentary), I am of course living demonstration that even the pretences of legality and justice have been wholesale abandoned by the lawyer-filled upper branches of government in Victoria (bureaucratic, judicial and parliamentary) and long ago. Otherwise this “witch hunt Mark 3” would never have been dared tried on. So while I continue to demand justice I have no expectation of justice being seen to be done – only the expectation that injustice, unlawfulness, massive government failure, fraud and cover-up (at gross public expense in the order of $5,000,000 (five million dollars) to date – most of it in lawyers remuneration out of the public purse) will continue, and most likely continue at an accelerated rate.

Arrangements for conduct of hearing on 21, 22 and 23 May 2012

The primary purpose of this brief note is to request guidance from VCAT regarding practical aspects for the conduct of the hearing on the 3 days of Monday 21, Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 May 2012, ie next week.

1. Please advise what arrangements can be made for witnesses to attend by video-conference and/or telephone link (as an absolute fall-back if all else fails).

I advise that I am marshalling in the order of 100 to 200 witnesses. These include the 57 witnesses for whom VCAT Summons were issued on 4 May 2012, including some VIP witnesses from all 3 branches of Government, State and Federal, who have documents and involvements in the matters over the past 5 years that are relevant to this case. In this regard, I put on the public record a copy of the message I received from one such witness, former Attorney-General Robert McClelland, confirming his attendance, together with a copy of my reply. {and here}.

Many of these witnesses, especially those who rank high (higher than me) among the legal establishment, fear reprisals and persecutions from their colleagues in the profession (and its interface with all the upper benches of government) if they were to appear and to speak out as voluntarily witnesses. For this reason, to protect them, I have necessitated to (appear) to compel even those witnesses who have been champing at the bit, and fuming at the injustices, for years, just waiting for an opportunity to come forward and speak. I am “in the Nazi hunting business” in the sense of exposing corrupt attitudes, behaviours and personalities in positions of power in the profession / government benches that they ought never have been installed to. I am not in the business of creating martyrs or encouraging the out of control benches of State and Australian Government to create martyrs, not of myself, nor of anybody else, whomever they are and whatever their station, status or role in exposing as a precursor to ending this unspeakable corruption.

At the end of the day, the only way we can rid ourselves of this corruption is to address and neutralise the “Nazistic” attitudes and behaviours of those presently in power, not to take reprisals or retributions against them. Though I recognise as I believe the individuals themselves do, that some of the worse, such as Mr Michael McGarvie, and his disgraced predecessor Ms Vicky Marles, and at least a handful in number of unelected governmen and governmwomen currently installed on the Victorian Supreme Court judicial benches, may need to be prosecuted and jailed as part of their personal paths to rehabilitations and atonements for their long personal lists of injustices and crimes against humanity inflicted by them through misuse as tyrants of their government powers entrusted to them as trustees. This can’t be avoided if public trust in our legal, political and justice systems of government is ever going to to be restored.

Without detracting from the above weighty remarks, I note below as a matter of process for this hearing starting on Monday, for many of these witnesses (both the summonsed and the unsummonsed) it will be less intrusive (of the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner’s wanton prosecution) for them to testify by video-link rather than coming to Melbourne in person.

2. I also advise that while I am doing my best to make arrangements to come to Melbourne on Monday 21 May 2012, there is a possibility that I may not be able to attend the hearings in person until the second day, the Tuesday. Therefore please let me know what arrangements can be made for me to attend by video-conference for the Monday, if need be. I can make my skype account details available if it is possible for VCAT to set up a skype link up.

3. I note that it is not just the behaviour of Mr Howard Bowles, purporting to have lawful authority and capacity to speak on behalf of Michael McGarvie (things that I will require to be proved at the hearing) that demonstrate an alarming lack of professional skill, professional ethics or professional judgement.

It is sickening to think that these, the very things that I am falsely accused of lacking, despite overwhelming evidence of my strengths in all three areas, are so blithely lacking in the very people who are entrusted by the government / lawyerocracy to be “policing” professional standards in the lawyering industry.

The Application with its so-called “list of charges” and “prosecution materials”, was not served on me before the first hearing on 11 December 2011, and all hidden from me until after 3 full preliminary hearings (only technically served on me on 5 April 2012 and even then not seen by me until weeks later, only a couple of weeks ago). The Application can hardly be called a brief. It is a sick joke. It is in the Nazistic prosecution mode of denial (“see no, hear no, [let no-one] speak no, evil” ie the truth must be ignored and even prevented from being aired or spoken) that Lord Denning made infamous (and deservedly carries beyond his grave) in his judicial abuse (on top of extreme police bashings and abuse) of the 6 innocent Irishmen known to history as the ‘Birmingham Six’.

At the initial hearing on 11 December 2011, Mr Bowles declared to the Tribunal Member, Mr Levine, that he had “an open and shut case”. I know not, whether Mr Bowles was deliberately “poisoning the well of justice” with a deliberate deceit, or whether he is genuinely that “singularly stupid” (to borrow a phrase from Federal Parliamentary Hansard for the Australian House of Representatives, 16 June 1997, spoken by the then Deputy Speaker, on an a apropos situation). Is he truly so deficient in professional skill, ethics and judgement? Unable to reject the null hypothesis on the limited statistical data collected to date, for present purposes I suspect both hypothesis as open and valid.

The point is that Michael McGarvie’s Office has twice shut the case of the false allegations against me, only to open them for a third time, three years later, and even on this triple jeopardy closing them three quarters full before issuing this bogus prosecution. These closings, and reinvigorating of stale false claims, Mr Bowles’ materials cunningly omit from showing to VCAT. Hence my need to summons them to produce the 99% of the 5 years story that they are deliberately concealing from the VCAT decision makers.

More bizarrely, Mr Bowles’ materials demonstrate about 2 dozen of the unopened legitimate complaints that I have made to the Legal Services Commissioner’s Office against 2 dozen of my false accusers, including the big three who (as Mr Bowles materials appear pained to keep secret from VCAT) supplied the false allegatory materials on which this latest reprisal prosecution is platformed. Mr Bowles’s materials also give leads into about 2 dozen more such unopened cases that the Legal Commissioner should be investigating, according to two sets of (concealed from VCAT) Supreme Court rulings that Mr McGarvie and his officers (like his disgraced predecessor, Ms Victoria Marles) continue to hold in contempt.

Oh, and these complaints have also been judicially considered and dismissed by both the Victorian State and the Australian Federal Courts, when they were tried on by the corrupt member of the Victorian bar (he of the barratry, champetry and maintenance infamy, who makes Michael McGarvie’s brother, Richard McGarvie QC, Chairman of the Victorian Bar ethic’s committee and his QC colleague Peter Scanlon.

Also missing (kept secret from VCAT) by Mr Bowles’ materials, is another question that VCAT needs to consider, which is what a Barrister was doing trying a case against a defendant, and what a Federal Magistrate was doing hearing a case, where the Barrister and Federal Magistrate were themselves co-defendants at the time to a $50 million counterclaim brought against them in the Victorian Supreme Court by the same hapless defendant. I can’t think of a greater situation of exponential “reasonable apprehension of bias” within the long accepted principles of conflict of interest and bias laid down by the High Court of Australia in Johnson.

Clearly VCAT and the Legal Services Commissioner, as two statutory government authorities, can only act and do things that are clearly (beyond reasonable doubt) authorised that they can do according to statute. Neither VCAT nor the Legal Services Commissioner can do things that are prohibited by statute – such as engaging in or being part of a process (by facilitating other government officials to) engage in criminal reprisals against a whistleblower of the kind ruled illegal by the Victorian Whistleblowers Protection Act 2001.

Another, ultimate, obstacle for the Legal Services Commissioner is that his jurisdiction is limited to regulating those who are carrying on the trade of providing legal services in Victoria. This is just like the medial practice board, which cannot discipline patients who are operated on by dodgy surgeons, and cannot discipline patients for doing the public a favour by blowing the whistle on dodgy surgeons. In the underlying Victorian court proceedings (largely kept secret from VCAT by Mr Bowles’ materials) and in the underlying Federal court proceedings I was not operating in the operating theatre (the court).

The Legal Services Commissioner never received a single complaint by a single client of mine in my entire legal career. He cannot point to any client who paid a single dollar, or suffered any complainable consequence as a result of my being dragged into the fraudulent and corrupt legal proceedings upon which the Legal Services Commissioner has 2 and ¾ times dismissed these false complaints against me, but now platforms them for this stale and unauthorised prosecution. It is a prosecution designed to do nothing more than cause me additional, disproportionate trauma to punish me (just as another Melbourne Whistleblower is being disproportionately traumatised on false charges and overblown corrupt legal process in the United Kingdom, my fellow Melbournian and Candidate for Australian Federal Parliament, the future Senator Julian Assange).

I don’t own and can’t control and can’t stop government officials and agencies such as Mr Bowles or, more prominently, Mr Michael McGarvie from doing tyranny and injustice in what appears to be a time honoured tradition (even a privilege and perk) for those lawyers who are installed to the top benches of all three by three branches of government in this sick and sorry nation of Australia (a grim facsimile of the nation we should be).

But just like Julian I can shine the spotlight and expose the wicked, and if all I can do is leave it to history to one day right the injustices and tyranny which these men have done to me (and thousands of others who haven’t lived long enough to tell the tale) well I’m not going to suffer for the evil that others do to me, being evil that I can neither stop or negate.

4. My comments throughout paragraph 3 above are intended to indicate to the VCAT exactly how much of corrupt political set up and process this false prosecution and its shabby ‘brief’ are. This goes some way to outlining the long list of issues of law (jurisdiction, authority, prohibitions etc etc) and the reason why I have summonsed so many materials and so many witnesses on the key points (“yes” I am a “whistleblower”, “no” it is impossible to diminish the public image of lawyers. “no”, if anything my career achievements and my whistleblowing achievements have tended to lift, or at least offer faint promise and hope, to the public for the possible re-establishment proper professional standards).

The key thing is that great Kable, Kirk and Johnson denials and abuses of fair hearing and natural justice have been committed against me. The Legal Services Commissioner must be required, as a matter of obvious and legally obliged natural justice, to present its “case” (hopefully the false ulterior motivated “double-shut” case against me, and also showing the 20 plus genuine “unopened cases” closed shut by the Legal Services Commissioner against my false accusers and abusers.

The Show Must Go On – Legal Services Commissioner to present its “case” on Monday

5. The Legal Services Commissioner must be obliged to open and present its “case” as I have necessarily been forced to peculiarly clarify it through out paragraph 4 above. And must be required by VCAT to open and present its “case” beginning at 10.00 am on Monday 21 May 2012.

It would be a gross injustice for the Legal Services Commissioner to be given yet another 6 months to ramp, prop, reinvent (reimagine) its “case” (more likely to pad out and refine its secrets and concealments and bring in a raft of irrelevant prejudicial slings and slurs – as I experienced in the underlying Victorian and Federal court farces, and indeed Mr Bowles has dabbled at the 3 hearings to date – judging ). Another 6 months to ramp and prop, etc would be a gross injustice towards me, considering Mr Bowles’ announced the Legal Services Commissioner was ready set to go a whole 6 months ago.

Having gone to the effort of returning to Victoria and Melbourne for the hearing on 11 December 2011 and again for 3 days next week, It is my intention to sit and listen quietly to what these people have to lie about me. I will then need time to review summonsed materials, and arrangement will need to be made, taking many months, for all of my witnesses to give evidence. For every time that a government agency attacks me, and Mr Bowles’ materials are no exception, it / they disclose a wad of materials that that or other government agencies had previously withheld from me. Mr Bowles’ materials contain what appear to be written transcriptions of hearings and judgements from a Federal Magistrate, after I had withdrawn my wrongly made application (duped into initiating legal proceedings by my “accredited family law specialist” lawyer, like thousands of other Australians every year), and after it had been demonstrated to the Federal Magistrate (by his own lawyer in the proceedings) that he lacked jurisdiction, after I had demonstrated to “Caesar judging Caesar” that he had disqualified himself from whatever jurisdiction he wrongly pretended, on Johnson principles of “reasonable apprehension of bias” and I had even instigated a $50 Million Supreme Court Counterclaim, naming him along with other crooked lawyers involved in this process in VCAT as co-defendants by counterclaim. The same Federal Magistrate hid these records from me for months (on my twice – thrice weekly pilgrimages to the Federal Magistrate Court Registry to review the Court file). How useful those materials would have been (should have been, and should have been available) in preparation to respond to the fraudulent Victorian Supreme Court proceedings in December 2008 and 2009 and all of the appellate process that flowed from that injustice. So I expect to discover an extraordinary amount of materials from these documents I have summonsed these third parties for production, assuming that they comply and do not find some corrupt process to wriggle themselves above, and out of, and not having to comply with these summons to produce.

Another / other alternative is that I may take pity on these corrupt government officials and myself and, in the time honoured Australian tradition of “if two [crooked] cops said you did it, you did it,” and change my plea to “guilty” for the sake of copping even the maximum penalty for what I am accused of, which on no account could exceed a monetary fine of $100 or so, and probably not even that, and probably not even an adverse order for costs against me (perhaps even that rarest of of trifecta events of conviction found, no penalty imposed and costs not following the cause, but awarded against the government in my favour) given the disgraceful, unethical, unskilled and shocking (ulterior) judgements these prosecutors and their constituency have behaved towards me. And by far the even greater probability attaches that the VCAT, when it hears the insane dribble that is in Mr Bowles’ materials, will simply dismiss the prosecution as wanton and including “for want of prosecution” without me or any of my witnesses having to utter a single word.

I separately advise VCAT that I am also waiting on more than a dozen private and public legal aid applications (including an application to VCAT’s and the Legal Services Commissioner’s sister bureaucratic agency, the Victorian Legal Aid Office). (Mind, I am still waiting to hear back on VLAO aid applications I lodged as long ago as 2008 – another indicator of the government misconduct, foul play, avoidance and obstruction to any pretence of lawfulness, law or order, let alone justice for this case.) I am no litigator. If I was I would have known right back at the outset of this madness against me, not to bother trying to get my legal rights respected and upheld in a court of lawyers. But even if I were the best litigator in the world, I would not dare take on such a personally traumatic case for myself. I would like, and should as a matter of government-citizen justice and equality, to have a team of a dozen lawyer at my side defending me, just like Mr Michael McGarvie has called on a dozen of his lawyers on staff, and can call on dozens more, all at unlimited public funding, to continue and maintain the beatings and reprisals.

However on the balance of diminution of natural justice and loss of fair hearing, including having regard to what has passed to date, and that I can take an audio recording of the transcript away (after usual one week delay and payment of $46.00 fee) to be reviewed by my legal representatives (“if and when”, or “or”, the State, or private benefactor, grants me my entitlement to legal representation). I have had to put my life and affairs, including important affairs of politics and sate, on hold, in order to deal with this latest outrageous corrupt reprisal from Mr Michael McGarvie’s segment of the Victorian Government – Mr McGarvie and his team of a dozen staff, plus goodness knows how many other inputting government bureaucracy lawyers all anxiously waiting on the outcome with their ulterior and crooked motives. These are interruptions and interference that it will take me months to make good. My schedule has been put so far out of orbit it is a whole new plane of injustice and abuse. So it is essential to prevent the exponential growth of this disproportionate harm to me that Mr McGarvie gets his “case” against me out of the way, so that I can concentrate on my other affairs and, if I decide to maintain my “not guilty plea” review, collect and marshal evidence and witnesses, according to a civilised Kable, Kirk and Johnson timeframe.

If the VCAT grants the Legal Services Commissioner the opportunity to delay presentment of its “case”, not only will I action that within appropriate forums of government as yet another demonstration of Johnson bias and tribunal misconduct, another instance of Whistleblower Protections Act 2001 violations by both government agencies.

6. In summary I would appreciate urgent response from VCAT:

6.1. As to what arrangements can be made for my summonsed witnesses (and others) to attend and give evidence by video-link, and also confirming that their dates for giving of evidence will be rescheduled on an orderly, workable basis, for much later in the year;

6.2. As to what arrangements can be made for me to attend the Monday’s portion of the hearing via video-link or skype or by telephone.

6.3. Confirming that the Legal Services Commissioner will be required by VCAT to open and present its case on the 3 scheduled days (or so much as it requires) next week – 21, 22 and 23 May 2012.

6.4 Confirming that directions orders will be made next week (presumably at the start and at the conclusion of the LSC presenting its “case” on Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday) giving me time to review of summonsed documents, and to finalise the list and schedule the dates for my 100 – 200 witnesses, both summonsed and unsummonsed, to give their evidence (including by video-link).

7. Treatment with courtesy and respect

7.1 It is my intention to treat every participant in these VCAT hearings with courtesy and respect, regardless of status and station, and regardless of the role that they play in this corrupted process. In this regard, I expect the same courtesy and respect to be shown to me, according to my status and station, not just as a senior member of the Australian community, with a dazzlingly broad and deep professional resume that most professionals (lawyers, accountants, economists, journalists, public servants) can never hope to match in the one life time, but as a genuinely innocent accused for whom, especially at this stage in the “justice game” the State and its agents are supposed to at least go through the motions of showing as presumed to be innocent. In this regard I expect an exponential lift in the (absent) standards of courtesy and respect shown to me by the government agents, men and women in government employ (including Mr Bowles’ and his dozen colleagues engaged in this “case”, and including VCAT tribunal members as well). I would like to think that the abuses inflicted on me (including behind my back twice) at the three hearings so far will not carry on into this fourth hearing next week.

8. Please acknowledge and respond to this letter in writing to my (Collingwood) address for service for the purposes of this proceeding. Please also send your acknowledgement and response to me by email: . But please recognise that my circumstances are such that there is no certainty that I will receive your acknowledgement and response by either of these means prior to the hearing commencing at 10.00 am on Monday next week.



Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor

Constitutional Human Rights Advocate

Solicitor and Barrister of the High Court of Australia

(Celebrating 20 Years of Legal Practice 1990 – 2010)


One thought on “Open Letter to Victorian Govt, Tribunal, on Due Process, Fair Hearing and Natural Justice

  1. Good luck James I hope you beat these corrupt rogues masquerading as government lawyers. They have caused so much harm to others they are truly vile

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