Lawyerocracy on Trial – Register your story in our Victim Impact Register

… ☞☞☞ … Victims of Australia’s lawyerocracy, those who have suffered at the hands of negligent (and worse) lawyers and at the hands of negligent (and worse) State legal regulators, governments and banks, are encouraged to register their story with our 100% private and confidential Victim Impact Register, with the goals of (1) bringing back legally enforceable ethical and legal standards for lawyers, governmen and governwomen and bankers; (2) stopping the financial (and worse) carnage in our courts and halls and offices of lawyers and government; (3) achieving “reconcilliation” and a measure of peace for victims and their families; and (4) maybe, one day, achieving compensation and restitution for victims and punishment for the perpetrators … ☞☞☞ …


(Version 1.0 27 May 2012)


To join our National database of victims of negligent (and worse) lawyers, to become involved in this people’s movement to reclaim Justice and the Law, please add your name and details of your story below.


  1. all information will be kept strictly private and confidential.
  2. One of our volunteers will contact you to discuss your situation.
  3. Once your story have been sufficiently verified, your story (with all personal identifying data removed) will be made available to media and for lobbying (including representations to the State and Federal Premiers / Prime Minister, the State and Federal Attorney-General (and their opposition numbers) and relevant government agencies.
  4. Down the track, it is hoped that our Victim Impact Register may also form the basis for claims for compensation (from lawyers, lawyer bodies and from relevant State and Federal governments).

Feel free to include as much or as little information as you feel comfortable in providing.

We understand that you may be reluctant to divulge too much information, initially.

One of our volunteers will contact you to discuss your situation.  You can download a printer-friendly version of the form here.  

Feel free to take the form home with you and complete it later. You can post your completed form marked “Private and Confidential” to:

Reclaiming Justice and the Law”

C/- James Johnson B.Ec (Hons)., LL.B

Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor

PO Box 6137 Point Cook Town Centre

Point Cook Victoria 3030

What kind of legal / government / bankproblem did you have?
When / How did the problem start?
When did the problem “finish”?
What was the (final) outcome of your problem?
What should have happened to your case / situation? (What should the solution have been?)
Did you suffer any other hardships or injustices during the course of your case or since then?
Did you complain to any regulatory or other government bodies, or members of parliament?If so, please briefly note (a) when, (b) who and (b) what the outcome of those complaints processes were?
What impact has this problem, and its mishandling by the system had on you and your loved ones (a) financially; (b) emotionally; (c) medically?
What would you like the government to do to fix your situation?
Any other thoughts, comments, ideas?

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