With Liberty and Justice for Some. Meet Michael Keith McGarvie – Victoria’s *Less than 10% of Legal Services, Commissioner* .. bless his little lawyers socks

  With Liberty and Justice for Some. Meet Michael Keith McGarvie – Victoria’s *Less than 10% of Legal Services, Commissioner* .. bless his little lawyers socks

    Note: You can download a printer friendly version of this 3 page letter plus all of its 14 pages of attachments at this link: http://imgur.com/jzyBp (see distribution list below)

   I refer to my facsimile of 26 August 2012 providing formal notice of Complaint about a lawyer under Legal Profession Practice Act 2004 – Lawyer Julia Gillard (copy 1 page (cover fax) attached).

I refer to my facsimile of 31 August 2012 providing, inter alia a 6th (without prejudice only as to quantum) on the record settlement offer to the State of Victoria on VCAT matter Michael McGarvie – Legal Services Commissioner v Harold James Johnson J134/2011 (A Wrongful Prosecution – More Unlawful Whistleblower Reprisals – Monday 3rd September) (copy, 5 pages, attached).

1. Gillard Matter – I attach for your informations a copy of my follow up facsimile today to the troika (penta-oika) at the Legal Services Commissioner’s Office (6+2=8 pages). I would also like to share with you the 1000 word tweet ( http://www.twitlonger.com/show/jdtp0k) that I sent to my 46,000 followers of my blogs http://jamesjohnsonchr.wordpress.comand https://lawyerocracyontrial.wordpress.comand shared overnight with my media colleagues Michael Smith, Larry Pickering and Andrew Bolt, amongst many others. And there are also radio interviews I have done, such as this one back in May that you can download and listen to here: http://soundcloud.com/judy-ann-1/24th-may-2012-james-johnson 

2. McGarvie Smithers McCarthyist Inquistion (aka VCAT J134/2011 – Johnson Matter) – It was my intention this week to update my “on the record settlement offer” of 31 August 2012, 4 weeks having passed by, by increasing my settlement invitation by a further 4 x $50,000, ie by $200,000.

However events have overtaken themselves with the extraordinary criminal conspiracy climaxing in the VCAT “hearing” on 3 September 2012 and “decision” spewed forth over the VCAT Registry Counter on 24 September 2012. [I am yet to listen to the Audio CD of the 3 September 2012, which was only made available in corrupted, fragmentary form by VCAT yesterday. And I am yet to even see the, apparently 40 plus pages of “decision” as spewed out on Monday.]

I have been corruptly and criminally defamed and alienated yet again of my supposedly unalienable rights to due process (rule of law), good government and protection / equality under the law, by yet another bizarre de quoique abuse of process and abusive process (wild, unsubstantiated false allegations against me), this time by the State of Victoria. This, in a 4th jeopardy and as ever always unauthorised invasion of my private legal affairs on the false pretext of “regulating providers of legal services” (by a legal regulator who, in 9 out of 10 cases calling for genuine regulatory invasion, purports that he has no regulator powers – I will return to this absurd, wilful dereliction of public duty, presently) “in the public interest” in order “to protect the public” from what former independent Victorian Legal Ombudsman Kate Hamond (amongst hundreds of other prominent Victorian and Australian whistleblowers) has described as “evil, dumb … almost sociopathic lawyers” (see link below to mainstream media article) rampant in the legal profession and pillaging deceased estates, divorce estates and government legal funding options and public budgets, in plague numbers.

Accordingly, my only option is to plus $200,000 and double my “on the record (save as to quantum) settlement offer” of 31 August 2012, removing the “without prejudice” attaching to the full quantum. My now exposed settlement offer of 31 August 2012 was $27.4 million (Twenty Seven Million and Four Hundred Thousand Australian Dollars). Plus $200,000 and doubling that aggregate, my “With Prejudice” and fully “on the record” settlement offer is now $55.2 million (FIFTY FIVE MILLION AND TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS), with automatic uplift of $100,000 (ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS) or pro rata thereof for every 7 days hereon out that the State of Victoria does not (via its relevant agencies, Minister or other organs) accept this offer. All other terms and conditions of offer of settlement remain ceteris paribus (unchanged).

For the record, this settlement offer is quite independent to the settlement offer I have on the table in the Victorian Supreme Court proceedings (defamation, fraud and a host of other things) that I initiated in November 2008 against the corrupt Legal Services Commissioner (Tenth Defendant by Counterclaim) and 13 others (including the Legal Services Commissioners two secret VCAT informants (both of them scheming false denouncers whose libelous, wicked false complaints to the Legal Services Commissioner were “fully denied”), namely, corrupt Federal Magistrate (Family Law Division, Melbourne Registry) Daniel O’Dwyer (Ninth Defendant by Counterclaim) and scandalously corrupt, baraterie-er, champeterie-er et maintenance-er Graeme Devries of the Victorian Bar (Seventh Defendant by Counterclaim) and other key conspirators mentioned but not presented for giving of evidence in the VCAT hosted criminal reprisals against me, mentioned above. Those Supreme Court proceedings, in all their judicially blocked! and judicially fragmented! numbered parts, are suspended sine die by order of an Associate Justice of the Victorian Supreme Court until such time as I obtain independent legal steerage from non-Australian legal practitioners. The orders specify, independent legal input from Barristers admitted to the British or New Zealand Bars. I invite you to draw valid conclusions as to rampantness of corruption of the Australia lawyerocracy as testified by the choice wording of those orders). My most recent settlement offer to those defendants in those proceedings was in the order of $50,000,000 (FIFTY MILLION AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS), which I am separately tripling to $150,000,000 (ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS) in conjunction with broadening the darth of defendents by counterclaim to include copious other members of the publicly-funded lawyer-built-owned-dominated instruments of government that make up the lawyerocracy cartel engaging in and executing and covering up – at $6,000,000 (SIX MILLION DOLLARS) – plus taxpayer expense, estimated so far – these conspiracies of lawfare against me. For present purposes, despite much overlap of offerees, I wish to record that each of these settlement offers is separate and distinct, hematically sealed, from t’other.

3. Meet Victoria’s “Less than 10% of Legal Services, Commissioner”

By way of entree into my attached correspondences today to the Legal Services Commissioner penta-troika to whom it is addressed by name:

  • Meet Victoria’s “Less than 10% of Legal Services, Commissioner”. See and download the full 8 page letter here:http://imgur.com/PaMUA  . The allegations against Ms Gillard seem to fall squarely within the “less than 10% of legal services” that the Legal Services Commissioner does (on its Kafkaesque jaundiced view of its world), ah hem, regulate.  Like his equally corrupt and derilect predecessor Victoria Marles (sibling of Julia Gillard’s Federal Parliamentary Secretary, the MHR for Geelong, Richard Marles), Michael Keith McGarvie (son of former Victorian Governor, Victorian Supreme Court and QC (ie barrister) the late Richard (Dick) McGarvie, claims no power to regulate lawyers who do legal stuff in court rooms (ie 90% + of all lawyers). Cute, huh? Bless his little lawyers socks. Some of us (many of us) call it “corruption” not “cute” – criminal dereliction of duties of public office (cue sections 320 and 321 of the Victorian Crimes Act etc etc etc)
  • You will see I have also exposed, by way of 4 (26 August) + 1 (25 September) pointy questions, the depth of corruption, in short the protection racket he runs, Michael Keith McGarvie, this phony “less than 10% of Legal Services, Commissioner, instead of the regulatory regime he runs from – more than 90% of the time. If you or any other readers are interested in following through on that higher order of corruption (the corrupt legal regulator, a scheme that is replicated in every State and Territory throughout Australia – certainly not a uniquely Victorian situation), I suggest the following mainstream news reports as useful starting points:

Shocking isn’t it? You might want to look at my twin blogs to see how deep the rabbit hole goes:

  • Many of my idols (such as wrongly disbarred whistleblower, former Massachussets Gubernatorial Candidate Barbara C Johnson, author of “Failed Justice: Behind the Black Robes” and “Why I didn’t sleep with Mitt Romney”) and Television Judge Judy Sheindlin, author of “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it is raining”) have spoken out about misconduct, crime and corruption among the lawyer class ruling elite that monopolise the governments, the judiciaries and the parliaments in this country (never mind any constitution, erase and steamroll any rummy checks and balances – surely history’s ultimate concentration of powers in magnitude and longevity). Indeed, liberal progressive world class journalist, former trial attorney Glenn Greenwald has even titled his latest book “Liberty and Justice for Some – America’s Two Speed Legal System” (colorless, class based Apartheid, a Lawyerocracy imposed by and for, who else, lawyers). You need only look at the divergent histories of coverups re what seem to be pretty cut and dried lawyer misconduct allegations (with documentation and other evidence) against PM Julia Gillard, contrast with the feverish McCarthyist reprisals against me (VCAT findings of fact in a government proceeding where the erstwhile prosecutor presented zero evidence to the far from impartial tribunal).
  • The State of Victoria may properly regard my “on the record” settlement offer as an out of court settlement recommendation for the first of many thousand of individual and representative class order “McGarvie Claims” from 10,000s of victims of lawyer abused divorce estates and lawyer abused deceased estates – claims in the aggregate of billions maybe trillions of dollars.
  • I look forward to bringing all of you crooked, fascist, bureacrats, lawyers johnnies and jennies to genuine justice. We the people, the native and the indigenous sons and daughters of Australia, we will not be denied our Judge Jackson’s and our Justice on Nuremberg Lines:https://lawyerocracyontrial.wordpress.com/?s=justice . It’s always been only a matter of time.



Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor

Constitutional Human Rights Advocate

Solicitor and Barrister of the High Court of Australia

(Celebrating 20 Years of Legal Practice 1990 – 2010)

James Johnson

B.Ec (Hons). LLB. Mem CLA. Mem MEAA. Journalist. Whistleblower. Independent Documentary Maker

Mail: PO Box 6137 Point Cook Victoria Australia 3030 Mob: +61 (0)401 865 914

 To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” – Abraham Lincoln

26 September 2012

The Hon Robert Clark MLA for Box Hill

Attorney-General for Victoria

24 Rutland Road, Box Hill Victoria Australia


TOP PRIORITY (3 + (6 + 2) + 1 + 5 = 17 pages)

BY FACSIMILE: 03 9890 7180 | 03 8684 1100

(Telephone: 03 9890 6606 | 03 8684 1101)

The Hon Richard Wynne MLA for Richmond Shadow Minister for a Fairer Victoria

112 Smith Street, Collingwood Victoria Australia

BY FACSIMILE: 03 9415 8918

(Email: richard.wynne@parliament.vic.gov.au

Telephone: 03 9415 8901)

Mr Greg Garde

President of VCAT

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

55 King Street Melbourne Victoria 3000

BY FACSIMILE: 03 9628 9788

(Telephone: 03 9628 9081 )

Mr George Brouwer

State Government Ombudsman, Victoria

Level 9 North Tower, 459 Collins Street Melbourne

BY FACSIMILE: 03 9614 0246

(Telephone: 03 9613 6222 )

Ms Nicola Roxon, MHR for Gellibrand

Attorney-General for Australia

1 Thomas Holmes Street, Maribyrnong Victoria

BY FACSIMILE: 03 9317 7477 | 02 6273 4102

(Telephone: 03 9317 7077 | 02 6277 7300 )

Mr Guy Gilbert, Barrister

of the Victorian Bar (John Rosanove Chambers)

Room 0307, 550 Lonsdale Street Melbourne

BY FACSIMILE: 03 9225 8480

(Telephone: 03 9225 7379 )

Ms Kathleen Foley, Barrister

of the Victorian Bar (Ninian Stephens Chambers)

Room 3817, Level 38, 140 William St Melbourne

BY FACSIMILE: 03 9640 3107

(Telephone: 03 9225 6136 )

Legal Practice List Division (via Mr Jim Nelms)

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

55 King Street Melbourne Victoria 3000

BY FACSIMILE: 03 9628 9788

(Telephone: 03 9628 9081 )

Mr Michael Keith McGarvie

Legal Services Comissioner

Level 9, 330 Collins Street Melbourne Victoria

BY FACSIMILE: 03 9679 8101

(Telephone: 03 9679 8001 )


Note: You can download a printer friendly version of this 3 page letter plus all 14 pages of attachments at this link: http://imgur.com/jzyBp 

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