Get some drugs. And have a laugh. They’re not REAL lawyers anyway.

 FIFTY-FIRST LAWYER: “She doesn’t have a case but it will cost you millions to defend yourself. And I can’t help you because [one of the corrupt govt lawyers] is a friend of mine. I’m glad it’s you and not me.”

The Australian legal system is the envy of the world.”

SEVENTY-SECOND LAWYER: “Go get some drugs, sit on the beach, then get yourself a low stress job in a company or firm somewhere. And have a laugh. Because they are not going to get as much out of you as they thought they would. And they are not real lawyers anyway.”

Justice? You are not going to court looking for justice are you?[insert vampire grin]You have to use the system to get the result you want.”

The following is the text of my 31 December 2012 letter to the Victorian Attorney-General Robert Clark, blowing the whistle on more criminal conspiracies and corruption by his senior bureaucrats and (never mind the Constitution) his “judicial member” ministry officers too.   The date of this letter was dictated by unjust time-limits set down by the Victorian Government via legislation that is almost certainly invalid on sweeping Constitutional grounds.  In the letter I advise His Excellency of 3 appeals I have filed after being “rubber stamp” convicted on false charges of perjured government officials and lawyers (the 7th to 10th defendants by counterclaim in $50 million defamation and fraud charges I commenced against them more than 3 years before they hatched this latest conspiracy against me.  In the letter I refer to two media releases of 9 June 2012 and 3 October 2012, ,which you can see and download via these links: 


If you live, work or play in Box Hill or the nearby inner-eastern suburbs of Melbourne (Australia) and you have scope to get involved in the direct action campaign (door-knocking, letter-writing and petition-signature collecting – even just an hour or two a week, or half a day a month) in Robert Clark’s State Electorate (see point 3 of the letter) please contact my friends Terry and Sue at as they and their team will be keen to hear from you.

And please distribute this article to everybody in your online and real life circles of friends and acquaintances.  Like me, until I was struck down by this corruption, I had no idea how deeply corrupt things are and have been for so long in the legal profession (who make up the social elite that fill virtually all the top positions in the bureaucracy, the judicary and the parliament).   Having done the research, I am now ashamed to have ever been a member of this filthy fraternity.  I am even ashamed of my truthful excuse – I was busy drawing up contracts and negotiating billion dollar deals ($2Bn for Melbourne City Link funding – infrastructure bonds for the ANZ Bank, $10Bn of electricity power station, distribution and transmission businesses sold to USA and Asian and European Fortune 500 basically, a soldier ant making lots of Macquarie, JB Were and Goldman Sachs merchant bankers even filthier and richer than the were before the Kennett-Stockdale public asset sales that had to be done after Julia Gillard’s mates (Joan Kirner, Rob Jolly, John Brumby and their like) destroyed the States’ economy with their corruption, cronyism and incompetence.   I had no idea that in Australian Courts the criminals sit on the benches and the bar tables and hang innocent victims in the docks.  That is, until it was my time to be harvested by them, courtesy of this fraudulent de facto marriage / property claim.

If you are interested in reading a bit more of the background to my case, here is the shortest of the 3 appeal documents (minus formal parts) that I filed with VCAT on 21 December 2012:

I expect that there will be hearings, that is to say, will resume in mid to late January 2013.  I will post details at my Lawyerocracy on Trial blog.  Please follow me as “The 21 May Project” @21May12 on twitter for details of hearing dates.

WIthout further ado, and please be forgiving for formating glitches in the translation from word to wordpress, here is the text of my letter yesterday to Victorian Attorney-General Robert Clark.  What do you think he is likely to do about it? ……..

James Johnson

B.Ec (Hons). LLB. Mem CLA. Mem MEAA. Journalist. Whistleblower. Independent Documentary Maker

Mail: PO Box 6137 Point Cook Victoria Australia 3030 Mob: +61 (0)401 865 914

To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” – Abraham Lincoln

Truth is a weapon, to be picked up and used against injustice.” – James Johnson

31 December 2012


The Hon Robert Clark MLA for Box Hill

Attorney-General for Victoria

24 Rutland Road, Box Hill Victoria Australia

Dear Mr Clark

BY FACSIMILE: 03 9890 7180 | 03 8684 1100


Telephone: 03 9890 6606 | 03 8684 1101)

(6 + 4 = 10 pages)

  1. As the State of Victoria’s Attorney-General, the States’ most senior elected public lawyer, I am writing to ask you to intervene to get your Ministries of Lawyers, the government agencies in your Cabinet Portfolio, into proper law and order.

  1. I have this weekend filed three applications in VCAT seeking the review of convictions handed down against me, without due process, denied legal representation, without investigation, without evidence, without trial in that most unconstitutional and unlawful star chamber.

I have sent copies of all 3 applications to you via your Box Hill Electoral Office.

  1. My friends and supporters will next month begin a leaflet and door-knocking campaign in your Victorian State Electorate of Box Hill. We will continue to do this, continuously, for the next 2 years up until the 29 November 2014 Victorian State election. Every registered voter in your electorate will be called upon, at least three times, with discussion focused on the points raised in this letter and what you do / are doing / don’t do, about it.

So, you see, you can decide what my friends and supporters will be telling your constituents about you for the next 2 years up to your next re-election opportunity.

Obviously my supporters and I would rather be allied with you in your 2014 re-election campaign.

I would like my friends and supporters to be campaigning for your re-election on grounds that you are “doing”. “doing”, “done” the restoration of the macro level reforms and the micro level reforms I describe below. Reintroducing the previous State liberal administration’s excellent legal industry reforms of little over a decade ago, reinstating Victorians and Australians to the basic legal rights (and equality of laws as between lawyers and non-lawyers), after they were corruptly thrown aside by the former Bracks-Brumby-Hulls ALP administration, these should hardly be difficult Cabinet decisions to table and to implement.

But if you and your Cabinet colleagues perversely decide to maintain the corrupt status quo in the legal industry that was re-established by Bracks-Brumby-Hulls, and that the Full High Court of Australia was wrongly seduced by Victoria Legal Aid and the Legal Practitioners Liability Committee into augmenting in world first human rights violating solicitor immunities in 2005, then my friends and supporters will be actively campaigning these next two years to see that you (or anyone that the Liberal Party picks in your place) are not re-elected.

  1. Why am I and my friends and supporters all of a sudden so interested in democracy and the politics of your Victorian Electorate of Box Hill in particular?

You need only read the criminal tactics employed by the two Victorian government agencies fronting this process, Victoria’s (self-confessed, less than 10% of) “Legal Services Commissioner” and your just as crooked “Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal” to see just how badly the “well of justice” and its blindfolded, sword wielding sister, “the well of government”, have been well and truly poisoned in Victoria.

I am borrowing here the “the well of justice was well and truly poisoned” terminology used by three Court of Appeal Judges in their published judgements of 14 May 2009 to describe the unpunished misconduct of the Legal Services Commissioner’s own brother, Richard McGarvie (jnr.) QC. McGarvie the QC (brother of McGarvie the LSC, and sons of the late Governor McGarvie / Supreme Court Justice McGarvie) was, and remains, the Chairman of the Victorian Bar’s Ethics Committee at the time of his scandalous but unpunished misbehaviour. For all I can tell, perhaps McGarvie the QC was even promoted for his poisoner activities and maybe made a career of them? According to several government and media reports and other reports, his brother McGarvie the LSC clearly has.

Here’s a brief list of some of the LSC / VCAT criminal tactics I have been attacked with in these corrupt VCAT proceedings J134/2011 this year. I’m not making any of this up. It is all undeniably etched on the VCAT proceedings (as recorded on audio CD’s issued by VCAT):

  • unintelligible allegations instead of charges (these can be fairly called hearsay, and “allegations of allegations” – see VCAT appeal documents)
  • multiple-jeopardy on false allegations already dismissed 2 ¾ times (see VCAT appeal Applications)
  • slanderous allegations (no evidence / witnesses being produced to base them on … )
  • warrantless prosecution (see below / VCAT appeal docs)
  • conflicts of interest (the LSC and his 3 false co-allegators in this vexatious VCAT prosecution are the 7th to 10th of 14 co-defendants (so far) in my $50m Supreme Court damages counterclaim against them for defamation, fraud, negligence and misconduct in public office)
  • lack of power (the LSC is empowered by legislation to regulate litigators / lawyers not litigants / clients)
  • lack of (valid, constitutional) existence [see below and VCAT appeal documents
  • undue process [see VCAT appeal docs]
  • secret hearings [see VCAT appeal docs]
  • denied access to independent lawyer advice / representation [see below / VCAT appeal documents]
  • denied right / access to evidence in defence

  • slanderous VCAT findings (despite no evidence / witnesses being produced to base them on etc … )
  • VCAT preventing public access to its hearings [see VCAT appeal docs]
  • VCAT armed violence, mid-hearings, against peaceful members of the public simply for “being there” [see VCAT appeal docs]
  • Since November 2012, no more audio CD recordings will be issued for VCAT proceedings [see below]
  • the State – not the accused – has the right to independent legal representation (at the State-impoverished / unrepresented citizen’s expense) [see below / VCAT appeal docs]

This is the ultimate unwarranted prosecution by government agencies, lawyers, who should know and must know that they don’t have any statutory power to do any of this.

If (contrary to my very clear knowledge and recollections and ALL of the overwhelming evidence) this fraudster had been my live-with de facto wife for a decade and had made substantial contributions to my wealth, and my reports against these barristers and solicitors and judges and others (including a shady psychologist) were inappropriate and out of court then the most that would be warranted is some form of counselling – nothing in the bizarre allegations against me warrants any kind of prosecution or punishment.

But having falsely put a conviction on my record I now have “form” with a “prior” that they can piggy-back off with their other false and unwarranted prosecutions that these government agents have in the pipeline.

The strategy that your LSC / VCAT have conspired to run against me is the classic Stalinist / Hitler / Westminster strategy, ripped right off the dying page of Orwell’s 1984:

The truth was erased. The erasure was lost. The lies became truth.” [revised punctuation].

And the ending? Perhaps “He was disappeared.” Donald Mackay or even Carl Williams -style – I am sure these people will go as far as false imprisonments and even secret assassinations to cover up their crimes and corruption. As Orwell himself ended 1984: “He loved Big Brother.” – well that will never happen.

  1. It is undeniable that VCAT’s pretended existence violates the Australian Constitution, the “separation of [judicial from non-judicial] powers” in every way imaginable – and to such an extent that the members of the Owen Dixon Full High Court of Australia must be boiling in their graves (a subtle reference to the famous majority judgement handed down by Owen Dixon CJ in the 1960s Boilermakers Case, and to the 107 years of consistent High Court authority on the subject that surrounds it).

I invite you to read the wikipedia entry for “star chamber” (it is a surprisingly good accounting) alongside any of Immediate Past President of VCAT Kevin Bell’s speeches and publicly reported interviews (start with his inauguration speech). If you do this you will clearly see why such an abominable concentration of judicial, executive / legislative powers in such a body of peoples as VCAT simply cannot be validly created / exist – even by the feeble standards of our woeful and incomplete Australian constitutions.

These hundred plus government-salaried-for-life lawyers in their government battlemounts (LSC, LSB, LAO, LPLC, VGS, DoJ, VCAT etc … and lest we forget the off-balance-sheet, para-government, brought back-from-the-grave, delegatus non potest delegare, king-pin of this cartel of public-funded, lawyer-built-owned-operated web of corruption, the LIVL …) have made and continue to make mockery of notions of VCAT’s empty political slogan of “fair open access to justice for all Victorians.” Their senior officers and ground force troops continue to commit most of the crimes raised at Nuremberg, including most of the crimes listed in sections 320 and 321 of the Crimes Act. Rooms full of lawyers breaking the law in the name of the law, they have turned Victoria’s Whistleblowers Protection Act and Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act into arse-wipes and entrapment devices.

These administrators of justice, law and order, for whom you as Attorney-General are ultimately legally, constitutionally and politically responsible, choose instead to pretend them into non-existence, ignoring whistleblower complaints, and notices of human rights violations under these Acts that I, and many other victims like me, have filed with their offices, over the course of several years.

  1. How did this come about? In 2007 I became the target of a pathetic and obvious fraudulent de facto marriage / property claim. The “accredited family law specialist” lawyers who promoted the scam ($400,000 of legal fees billed up on credit for their penniless client) didn’t give a damn that the woman’s claim was fraudulent, that she herself was (as police, psychologist and psychiatrist reports racking up on their doors within months quickly confirmed) crazy, violent, and more law-breaking as they were. The “accredited family law specialist” lawyers I hired to protect me from this fraud were not up to the job. To enrich their own situation, my lawyers compounded my situation several times over by pushing me into a client-icidal child protection / shared custody application for the fraudsters three at risk children (by three different biological dads), before abandoning me telling me belatedly “I don’t do Supreme Court matters anyway.” You can read about this, how I got sandwiched, crushed between the greeds, incompetence and lawbreaking of these two sets of ‘accredited family law specialist” family law shonks, in the VCAT appeal documents I have copied to you this weekend.

I properly ignored warnings from that den of “latro non advocat”, the Law Institute of Victoria Limited (LIVL) not to challenge the fraud, not to try to defend myself. The Law Institute of Victoria Limited was originally known as Victorian Lawyers RPA Limited. The LIVL is the 14 year old successor to the abolished and for a time outlawed former government agency, the original “Law Institute of Victoria”.

She doesn’t have a case but it will cost you millions to defend yourself. And I can’t help you because [one of the corrupt govt lawyers] is a friend of mine. I’m glad it’s you and not me.”

That is what I was told by the then Chairman of the LIVL’s Family Law Section. The LIVL’s “flagship publication”, the Law Institute Journal (where my monthly column once appeared, every month during 1998 – 2003), reported him as also saying that month:

The Australian legal system is the envy of the world.”

After a year of stone-walling the then LIVL President graced me with an audience. This was Spring 2008, months after the Supreme Court set down a December trial date at another rushed, secret hearing, and weeks before the Court would accidentally tell me it had done that. I pointed out to him the LIVL’s contractual obligations (reinforced by Clause 2 of its Corporations Act mandated Constitution), and the LIVL’s obligations under ASIC, ACCC and Fair Trading legislation etc etc, to give me assistance. He responded with the following gems of inequity:

Where would we get the money to do that …”

Go get some drugs, sit on the beach, then get yourself a low stress job in a company or firm somewhere. And have a laugh. Because they are not going to get as much out of you as they thought they would. And they are not real lawyers anyway.”

Justice? You are not going to court looking for justice are you?[insert vampire grin]You have to use the system to get the result you want.”

This hack of a suburban wills and conveyancing lawyer (who would never get a job interview let alone a job at any of the top tier national / international law firms that I have worked with) would later put his “advice” in 2 equally scandalous written memoranda. A year later a witch-hunt that the LIVL illegally conducted against me for the LSC, on these same false allegations regurgitated by the LSC in VCAT, dropped dead of the truth. I was forced to go under psychiatric assessment which, despite the biased brief drawn against me by my “friends” of 20 years at the LIVL (the bias, corruption, and abuse of non-existent government powers, unbelievable), I was give a clear bill of mental health. I then insisted to the LIVL Board that it deliver on its legal obligations to me, including protect me from judicial and government and (other) lawyer abuse. He responded by attacking me with a scandalous letter headed “H James Johnson v the World”).

As far as I know, he is still out there, preying in suburbia and in the Courts, abusing his clients, other litigants and lawyers, and “the system”, “… to get the results you want.”

  1. The above quotes are just a few of the thousands of bricks in the wall of injustice, judicial and government obstructions, crimes, corruptions and derelictions, I have endured over the past few years, all publicly funded to the enrichments of many dozens of lawyers all cut from that same cloth. I have endured years of attacks from hundreds of government-salaried / government-funded lawyers, across nearly a dozen government agencies, misusing (well, giving to lawyers) millions of dollars of public monies misraised from hardworking Australian families.

I estimate that somewhere between four and six million dollars and more than a 100 lawyers have been misused so far in these crimes, cover-ups and conspiracies and reprisals against me. All of these government agency energies have been employed, in order to protect, to cover-up and to commit waive after waive of reprisals against me for daring to speak very simple, very obvious and, except as they affect me and my families, not even very original truths about the corruption that exists in the Australian legal profession and at its interface with the unelected upper branches of the judiciary and the bureaucracy in this State.

I have endured years of forced interstate exile since the State of Victoria and its State Police refuse in their wisdom to protect me from life’s little inconveniences like violent attacks – burglaries and aggravated burglaries, threats and even a car bombing.

My Julian Assange style, day-to-day existence has been difficult to say the least. But I have not been idle. I have made it my new life’s work to research the root causes and effects of the lawyer corruptions and abuses that destroyed my old life along with the lives of those who depended upon me, and as I have learned, thousands of ordinary Australians and families every year. You can read the results of my researches at my blogs and .

  1. What do I want you to do about it? That should be obvious by now. I want you to do the job that you were elected to do, and the job that was assigned to you by your Cabinet / Governor in Council, as Attorney-General for Victoria.

I attach a pair of media releases I issued in June and in October this year.

At the macro level – I am asking you as an elected official and as the Minister responsible for these unlawful, lawyer-full government agencies to do the things listed in the first of these Media Releases namely to turn back the calendar on the legal industry to 2005 by:

1. That your Administration fund (by whatever means including by appropriation Acts if necessary) the flotilla of test cases that I have short-listed (from dozens of eligible candidates) to take to the High Court of Australia to have it undo its 2005 D’Orta-Ekenaike laws (D’Orta-Ekenaike v Victoria Legal Aid), whereby Australia remained the last country in the world where it is against the law to sue (7,000) barristers who are “negligent and worse” in court, and whereby Australia became the first and only country ever where it has for 8 years been against the law to sue (77,000) solicitors who are “negligent and worse” (as a Supreme Court Judge put it, earlier this year).

Your Administration should set up compensation procedures to find and identify the victims of the decade/s of corrupt lawyering – victims that have been treated with contempt and ignored by the LSC, the LIVL, the LPLC and LAOV for decade/s. And while reinstating the legal possibility of suing lawyers for fraud and professional negligence is all jim and dandy, your Administration should put in place institutions and funding mechanisms so that suing bad lawyers is a practical possibility also. This will require your Administration to substantially reorganise the legal industry to remove anti-competitive trade practices and other cultural and market barriers to finding a lawyer prepared to sue a bad lawyer, or even to defend a victim of a bad lawyers’ blackmail).

2. That your Administration abolish the failed and self-confessed “less than 10% of” Legal Services Commissioner phoney regulation scam and restore the pre=2005 independent, pro-consumer Legal Ombudsman Victoria scheme ie act on the damning State Government Ombudsman Victoria Annual Report to Parliament of 2009 on the total failure and dereliction of that corrupt agency.

3. That your Administration complete a thorough purge of the fascist-elitist culture within the principal cartel of lawyer agencies, including the LSC, LSB, LAOV, LPLC, VGS, DoJ and VCAT, including (as the Kennett-Wade Administration did in 1997) the abolition and outlawing of the corporate / para-government criminal organisation the Law Institute of Victoria Limited. This should include Nuremberg-style investigations, Nuremberg-style trials, and Nuremberg-style punishments for the Nuremberg-style crimes that these organisations and their leadership have committed during their reign of silent terror on the Victorian and Australian people. And your purges should extend to the States’ judiciary as well.

At the micro level – I am asking you to put a stop to these criminal whistleblower reprisals against me, to suspend the relevant lawyer-bureaucrats and suspend the relevant judiciary pending proper (not cover-up) investigations. These criminals in the legal profession need to be tried in Nuremberg-style trials, for their Nuremberg-style crimes and given Nuremberg-style sentences. I want restitution for myself and my children and other dependants. I want the same justice for all of the other victims and their families. I want equality for all under the one set of laws of Australia fairly and consistently applied to every Australian whether of lawyer-rank or not. I want to return to live in Victoria with full legal rights and protection of the State from criminal activities. I don’t want to be [with]outlawed and unprotected by the laws of Victoria, which is effectively the flora-and-fauna legal status that these lawyers in government have subjected me to, these past many years.

Yes, I am angry at having my life destroyed, everything that I earned and achieved stolen from me. Before this happened, I led a highly respected life of importance, responsibility. I was a self-made man, who through dint of years of dedication to studies, hard work, good deeds had built a life of financial wealth and security.

But I am most angry about the dozen more lives, mostly children, destroyed by this crookedness. I am referring to my own three children and their mother (the genuine, lawful Mrs Johnson), and others who have been thrown into abject poverty and misery, their lives ruined before they even begun, as innocent collateral damage caught up in the ripple effects of these tidal waves of crimes, cover-ups and corruptions that have been unleashed against me.

It is for them first, for myself second, and thirdly to protect others from falling into the harms way of these sorts of predatory lawyers, that I want to see these criminals of the legal profession / government closed down and locked up for all their crimes. Their crimes against me are no doubt just a drop in an ocean of crime waves they have committed / are continuing to commit, even today.

Our Parliaments need to rediscover their roles as representing the people (rather than representing the lawyers, ie themselves). Our Parliaments badly need to rediscover their roles of running the government (the bureaucracy) and reviewing the judiciary – rather than the vice versas that operate these days where the judiciary (including lawyers of all rank, solicitors, barristers and judges) are given free reign, without supervision with obvious consequences for the peace, welfare and (lack of) good justice for the realm. That is not “separation of powers” that is “abdication of Parliamentary sovereignty / responsibilities”.

I hope that history will show you to be a champion for change, rather than a silent collaborator in all the muck and filth described in the documentation that I have sent you. After all, it is muck and filth that is and should be shown to be the legacy of Bracks-Brumby-Hulls. Why do you want to keep that status quo and, in doing so, be vested with ownership and responsibility for (failing to clean up) that mess? Sooner or later, I suggest sooner, do nothing much longer that this will become by dint of inaction the legacy of Baillieu-Clark. Why would you want to go down in history with this muck as your legacy?

I hope that you will seize the opportunity to do the right thing, the things that you are supposed to be doing as an elected parliamentarian, elected to represent the people (not the lawyers) of Victoria. I hope that my followers and friends will be door-knocking your Victorian Electorate of Box Hill from now until 29 November 2014, singing your praises rather than protesting your failures.

I look forward to your civilised response, in words and in deeds, within a civilised number of days.

Kind Regards,


2 thoughts on “Get some drugs. And have a laugh. They’re not REAL lawyers anyway.

  1. I have written information on LS Commission letter head signed by Mr Mc Garvie. I have his own evidence stamped by legal Services Commission which clearly proves his incompetence and the subject lawyers incompetence or he is covering for the Lawyer. He has power and even the Ombudsman is to frightened to address him. I have given them copies but for 3 years plus they have avoided ,and suppressed the documents. I have put my case to the Legislative Council under the Whistle Blowers Act but not confident that anything will be done . Sick of corruption in Vic but there all in it . Mr Mc Garvie is so corrupt he knows he has an incorrect determination but also has the Ombudsman on side. I am soon to go public but cant trust anyone yet. Need a good honest reporter investigator and can put Mr Mc Garvie out of business. Someone advise of who I can trust in the media please

  2. Hi, James,
    Not be ashamed of the pass. Bravery and centric is Gods gift to any sensible person.
    Corruption? What about my divorce proceedings? Since 2002 to 2013 still not finalised.
    WHY? One ex solicitor of my prepared what it is call an “affidavit in chief (The document).
    After I signed it, the solicitor refused to give me a copy (The intentional Fraud)
    Two months after I view a copy of that document filed in the WA Family Court and discovered the interpolation of an illegal clause and Marks or Scribbles affixed in each page by a phantom attestator (The forgery on paper of falsified signatures by a Phantom Attestor)
    The illegal clause refers to a pre-premeditated robbery to obtain extra 10K illegal legal costs to be divided between the Law Firm and the Court’s acceptor (the Fraud, Forgery and Perjury by the Author on Paper and the WA Family Court co-conspirator).
    2. A few Lawyers, Court’s Registrars, Judges, Justices, Police, LPCC, LAW SOCIE and
    Law Mutual will close RANKS to defeat you and put you in a miserable position.
    3. Those few are descending Australia Judiciary and Australia Constitution.Remedies
    only be achieved in International Courts.
    4. The Robbery, Fraud and Forgery culture of those few was defeated in Brazil when the
    First Fleet attempted to use forged coinage;
    5. The second defeat occurred in the International Court when Australian was defeated of
    the implementation of robbery of Timor’s Petrol in partnership with the Indonesians;
    6. We VICTIMS of FRAUD, FORGERY and PERJURY in Australia have no RIGHTS or
    EQUAL Law until those few are supported by the ones in position conspiring against us
    to protect they flock punishing ANYONE that refusing to surrender they own wallet to

    Where it is equal Rights and Law in Australian Courst?

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