Hello from Friends of James Johnson


This is just a brief note to send you a “thank you” from James for your wonderful support during 2012.  And a chance for us, Terry and Sue, to say a “hello” to you all.

Citizen VCAT/J134/2011 is alive

James is alive and well, and gearing up for “Lawyerocracy on Trial” to kick up to a whole new level in 2013.

And this is not just, or even mostly, James’ personal quest to right personal injustices done to him.  This is James’ quest to fix the system, to restore law and order to the lawyers, as a means firstly to put an end to the injustices that might otherwise continue to be done to others, and secondly as a means towards securing apologies, compensations and vindications to all of us who have suffered the same sort of (Government-protected and, often, Government-funded) lawyer abuse that we have all suffered.

You might want to refresh your understanding of what James is determined to achieve, by reading over some of James’ headline political pledges.  These include:

  • James’ general political pledge (to restore law and order, especially to and amongst lawyers);
  • James’ specific pledge to shut down the unconstitutional, killer family court processes (the engine room for most of the injustices done to us);
  • James’ 7 point plan (an election platform, morality guide, based on clearly stated steps and processes:
  • to restore integrity and efficiency (value for trimmed-down public money) to law and government;
  • to investigate abuses in banking, in government and in the legal industry, which have destroyed many of our lives (and, through us, the lives of our loved ones)
  • identifying victims (with political disregard for “time limits” and other miserable lawyers tactics for refusing to do what is socially and morally right) and giving restitution to victims and punishments to the perpetrators, and putting in place checks and balances and citizen vigilances to ensure that the situation does not simply grow back, as it did in 2005 before any of the 1997 Kennett-Wade legal industry government reforms, killed-off politically by the lawyerocracy-elite, really got the chance to yield their full results to the Victorian public).

FRIENDS OF JAMES JOHNSON is getting organised for 2013 and beyond

After careful considerations for our own safety and well-being, we have agreed to assist James in his ordeals through the establishment of FRIENDS OF JAMES JOHNSON.

Please visit the website we have created, http://FriendsOfJamesJohnson.com and you can contact us via email to http://FriendsOfJamesJohnson@hotmail.com and follow (and retweet and question and mention) us via social media, twitter as http://twitter.com/AusFoJJohnson and http://twitter.com/AusF0JJohnson .

James desperately needs even more support.  And, we are sure you will agree, we all need James’ leadership and whistleblowing even more than ever before.

As well as running the FRIENDS OF JAMES JOHNSON website, we are also

  • Coordinating a Direct Action Restore the Law Campaign in Victorian Attorney-General Robert Clark’s Victorian State Electorate of Box Hill – see:
  • Organising Banking Facilities, Merchandise and other Promotional and Educational Events.

Remember what we are fighting for – Liberty and Justice, Truth and Equality for All

Remember James’ key messages are:

  • That the current Liberal Government needs to turn the clock back on the legal industry in Victoria to pre-2005 by restoring independent and effective consumer regulation of the States’ 20,000 solicitors and barristers;
  • That the current Liberal Government needs to undo the treachery committed by Victorian Government agencies (Victoria Legal Aid and its secret sister organisation the Legal Practitioners Liability Committee), also in 2005 when they misused millions of taxpayer (legal aid and compensation monies) on a contrived and improper test case that succeeded 6:1 in tricking the Australian High Court into making laws whereby the solicitors .
  • That the current Liberal Government needs to abolish the corrupt Law Institute of Victoria Limited (for the second time in less than 20 years), as this private lawyers’ ASIC, ACCC and ATO regulated (on paper) corporation is effectively (even if the current Attorney-General is still not aware of it) illegally and unconstitutionally controlling most of the publicly-funded lawyer-built-owned-dominated government agencies, and has usurped to itself the power and control over most of the “justice” departments and agencies and administrative, legal and court processes that the Attorney-General is supposed to be the ultimate power and responsibility within parliament and within the government.
  • James is also calling for full investigations of Victoria’s failed, self-confessed “less than 90% of” Legal Services Commissioners (the current corrupt LSC Michael Keith McGarvie, and his incompetent predecessor, the disgraced Victoria Marles (sister of Gillard’s Parliamentary Secretary, MP Richard Marles (Federal Member for Corio).

These are important political “law reforms” (or, as James calls them “law restorations”), that are critical if truth, justice and equity are to be restored to the law, lawyers ethics, professional standards and legal duties to clients, and to the public at large are to be brought back from 2005 extinctions, and before there is any prospect of “access to justice” and “fair, open and efficient justice for all” becoming genuine outcomes of the lawyers courts, bureaucrats and tribunals in Victoria (and other States).

Stand by for Updates, Dates, Projects, Events and Calls for Volunteers and Support

We will shortly publish a number of important updates, hearing dates and other events, via the FRIENDS OF JAMES JOHNSON and the LAWYEROCRACY ON TRIAL blogs.  And for those of you who have given email contact details to James (including the 200 or so who were brave enough to defy the Victorian Government bureaucrats and attend:

So look out for (and contact us via email if you don’t receive them in the next few days):

  • Details for the next hearing dates in VCAT (probably less than 2 weeks from today) – we want to “Flood the Tribunals and, in time, the Court” with public onlookers – despite and especially because of the lengths these lawyers have gone to restrict and intimidate the public from watching them misbehave;
  • Details of the RESTORE THE LAW Community Campaign that we will be running in Victorian Attorney-General Robert Clark’s electorate (either singing his praises or damning him for his inactions, depending on how he plays it).  We are kicking off this campaign, this month (JANUARY 2013) and running it right up until the next Victorian State Election (scheduled for 26 November 2014).
  • A status update on the situation with James receiving somewhere between a “2 ½ year” and “life-time” ban from practicing law (depending on how you read between and outside the lines) via the LSC and VCAT prior to Xmas 2012.  This / these bans are subject to appeal on sweeping constitutional, legal, due process and other criminal (in)justice grounds due process.  So we will send through some concise summaries of just why the whole LSC / VCAT process was corrupt, unauthorized, unconstitutional from start to finish – and why “the State” has handed to “we the people” a very clear, prosecutable, and uncontestable criminal conspiracy on the part of the LSC and VCAT (and other government lawyer agencies such as the Law Institute, Victorian Legal Aid and its sinister sister, the Legal Practitioners Liability Committee) and so many dozens of their staff and outside (eg Victorian Bar) lawyers;
  • A summary of the fraudulent legal proceedings against James (as a represented and then an abandoned / unrepresented litigant – never as a lawyer).  This will include background on the judicial corruptions, cover-ups, abuses and reprisals that led to this prosecution farce in VCAT.   How can we make it clearer that what VCAT and the LSC have asserted they have authority and statutory empowerment to do is to regulate the abused client (James) while refusing to regulate the abusing lawyers (James’ frightfully inadequate lawyers and the blackmail-inclined lawyers who ran the fraudulent legal claims against him despite the very obvious signs that the claim was highly extortionate / criminal).
  • Copies of comments received from a fellow lawyer-whistleblower and an anonymous well-wishers “Wow! James Johnson is still alive … that’s an achievement in itself.” and “You’r the Good Guys and They’re the Bad Guys” (you can already see these posted on the FRIENDS OF JAMES JOHNSON website – and we encourage you to skip ahead and read them first)
  • A series of interviews that we will be conducting, interviewing James on various aspects of this VCAT show trial against him, the underlying fraudulent court proceedings that he was a victim of, and various of his political and law reform (“restore”) campaigns.
  • Updates on James’ latest theatre and movie and documentary projects, including some exciting news about the movie (working title “Lawyerocracy on Trial”) based on the VCAT proceedings during 2012 (likely to be the first of a 6 part “Lord of the Rings” “trilogy”) and his “Lawyerocracy” project that was already underway before James’ energies were hijacked by last years scandalous VCAT persecutions against him.
  • An update on another, far from fresh, McCarthyist attack on James that the LSC / LSB / LIVL / VCAT cartel (just as scandalous as last years repeat attack) and that that corrupt cartel has been holding, rearing to go, against James, once they finish with him with the current VCAT proceedings (which with appeals is unlikely to be any time soon)

Help ourselves by helping James

Clearly even if James were not outnumbered 150 to 1 by corrupt government-salaried lawyers:

  • lawyers across multiple government agencies who are not fit or capable of doing real legal work;
  • lawyers who have their lives, assets and incomes intact and who are taking money from the public to fight their illegal warfare / lawfare against James;
  • lawyers who have so far misused (spent on lawyers) in the order of $6 million to “fix James up” for not shutting up about the frauds and cover-ups and reprisals against him,
  • lawyers who are doing this to James despite admitting in May 2012 but then refusing ever since that James is entitled to independent lawyer advice and representation before the case starts against him;

You can see from the above list that even if James were the best litigation lawyer ever born it takes a team of people to compete against such one-sided Government funded and staffed aggression.

This is no time to go soft, or give in to government and lawyer tyranny

James needs all the help with these projects that we, all of us, are able to give him.

James has a monumental battle, especially with no indications yet where the Attorney-General Robert Clark will stand, in getting all of these lawyer-bureaucrats of the lawyerocracy firstly to stop breaking the laws, and then to start actually applying the laws (due process, evidence-based findings, respect for words of valid Acts of Parliament, respect for the Australian Constitution, and respect for previous High Court of Australia precedents etc etc) – especially with the entire Victorian / Australian legal profession scared to come to James’ assistance (some alarming and amusing anecdotes to follow).

This is not the time to write James off.  This is not a time for any of us to lose interest in James’ heroic battle.  This is not a time to become depressed and disillusioned about the prospects of James or any of us ever getting a just outcome.

In many ways the injustices, the harms done to us are irreversible and uncompensatable.  It is true that no amount of apology or compensation can give back the years or take away the heart-ache and pain that we have wrongly been subjected to by lawyers, government agents and government and court processes that have totally lost their way.  The process of standing up and exposing injustices and abuses of power is a victorious process by itself, regardless of the outcomes.  The more such injustices and abuses are exposed, the more confidence for the victims (and the more anxiety and risk) for the perpetrators.

The injustices that we have suffered at the hands of government bureaucrats and judges (and uncaring parliamentarians) are no different than those that have been suffered by hundreds and thousands of others – especially here in Australia.  Just imagine if Lindy Chamberlain had given up (and what kind of government responds by jailing grieving parents, struggling with the, framing them for a “murder” committed by a known dingo, rather than to risk undermining an outback tourism industry if the truth were let loose and /or turning the lies by which the Chamberlains were wrongly charged, prosecuted and then convicted and jailed, the farming of the Chamberlains (like the farming of ourselves) into a multi-million dollars lawyers (and others) picnic hugely paid for out of the public purse.

Would you rather be in James’ position, enduring the betrayals, corruptions and hardships knowing that you have done nothing wrong and are exposing the corruption for the public good?  Or would you rather be in the position of these dozens of lawyer-bureaucrats who have to deal on a daily basis with knowing that they have done and are doing criminal wrong and have it eternally hanging over their heads that at any day they themselves might face prosecutions and lengthy jail terms for their crimes against James (and dozens and hundreds of the rest of us), public humiliation and prosecution for uncontestable crimes they have committed under sections 320 and 321 of the Crimes Act?

So if you can volunteer some time and/or resources (we will be seeking

Media Situation

Clearly James’ heroic against the odds survival and battle with the corrupted legal system and bureaucracy has not captured the attentions of the Australian media yet.

The Australian media of course has its own problems, with 1 in every 7 journalists being made redundant during the second half of 2012.

We strongly believe (and have logged this on FRIENDS OF JAMES JOHNSON) that James’ courageous whistleblowing and exposure of lawyer and government corruption is every bit as important to all Australians as the amazing things that Julian Assange (6 years James’ junior) has done.  And it is only a matter of time before James’ situation gets the global and national media attention and support that he deserves.

We intend to assist the mainstream media to digest and recognise the importance of James’ education and activism campaigns by making these interviews available to the mainstream media.

Ask lots of questions – Your prompting questions (and James’ answers) can help us to get the messages through to the media and the parliamentarians

We also know that many of you will be confused or unawares of many aspects of James’ situation – such as why it would have been bordering on suicidal for James to have attended in person any of the VCAT hearings after the VCAT tribunal misconduct and even armed-threats and bodily violence and aggression towards the public at the hearing on 6 July 2012.

While James never worked professionally as a litigator, and has “never spent a day in Court” except as a litigant it is important to realize that James’ career achievements make it undeniable that has one of the best commercial and legal brains in the country – the equal of a Malcolm Turnbull and superior to many other politicians, Cabinet Ministers and Macquarie Bank and other Merchant Bankers – who have in the past paid millions of dollars in fees to reap the benefits of James’ services in documenting and negotiating dozens of billion dollar national and global projects and transactions.

So it is inevitable that not many of us, and even a very small percentage lawyers can see or anticipate quickly or as clearly as James does what these corrupt government agents and agencies are doing to him and what else they may have in store for him.  Many of us would not have seen the hidden traps and dangers in store for him if, for example, James had been foolish enough to continue to turn up to these illegitimate and dangerous VCAT hearings given the signs of what was to come that were made loud and clear (to James) at the alarming and brutish VCAT hearing on 6 July 2012.

At the end of the day, this stand-off between James and the out –of-control and desperate to cover-up lawyerocracy is not going to be solved in government tribunals or before judges in courts.  Those are the very places and processes where all this corruption and misconduct sprang from.

The solutions will come years, and likely decades from now.  Maybe even 30 – 40 years from now as with the Chamberlains injustice. Or maybe the 130 – 140 years that Ned Kelly’s descendants have been seeking his body for proper burial.  Or even longer, some 220 years that many indigenous communities have had to endure Colonial injustices (their lands stolen off them, just as the same government forces have stolen our lands off many of us through the “smoke and mirrors” of fabricated legitimacy that are called  “lawyers (including judges who are lawyers)”.

And the solution will come through sustained and enduring resolve in the media and through the parliamentary processes (including pressure on the political parties at the election boxes).   So, just as James is doing, we all need to dig in and be ready to see it out over a long haul.

We are crowdsourcing, on a continuous basis, for questions that you might have that you would like us to put to James in the course of these interviews.

So we will end this “promise” of updates so we can start delivering some of these promises, by asking you to consider your ability to give a few hours a week (on an on-going or on a project-by-project basis) to work on these campaigns with James and all of us at FRIENDS OF JAMES JOHNSON.  And we also ask you to send us any questions or suggestions that you might have – including the “why did James do X”, “why didn’t he do Y” types of questions that can cut like a spot light through the fog and cob-webs kicked up by the layers after layers of corruptions and reprisals.

And though we hate to say “send money”, we have to say it.  Since these campaigns will require some funding. And James is, by unconstitutional and corrupted government forces been forced to live a “Julian Assange” style existence, asset-stripped and without income, and forced into interstate exile for safety reasons (nobody likes to be repeatedly burgled, even aggravatedly burgled, let alone car bombed and/or alternatively unprotected and then harassed by police).

So we will as soon as we can arrange them, be providing you with bank account details and merchandise opportunities.

We are going to need to put together as many dollars as we can to keep James safe, to identify and protect others like James who are coming out to blow the same whistles on the same corruption (people with the skills and morality to replace the corrupt bureaucrats and judges and govern us well rather than rape us and plunder us comprehensively.

If nothing else, send us your messages of well wishes, comment on our blogs, contact your sitting MPs (and always vote them out at every election), raise some noise in the media.

James’s work, his efforts to help us by getting the system put back into a decent working order, will benefit all of us, eventually.  And his work will be all the more easier, and more successful sooner, the more noise we make, to support him.

Already in our first week we have had notable success with raising the attention of the foreign media, and many overseas bloggers, as well as strengthing James existing connections with Julian and Christine Assange and the Wikileaks community.

[Yes it was months of steady advice from James, starting even before Christmas 2010, that convinced Julian he should run for the Senate this year. James is continuing to encourage Christine Assange to standing as a Senate candidate too.  And if the Australian Greens had done the right thing by James’ urgings, they would have made Julian a Greens Senator to replace Bob Brown when he retired last year – the same way that the Gillard Government rushed (unelected) Bob Carr into the Senate and into the Cabinet when the forgotten man of the Rudd Dismissal, the uber-CIA friendly (elected) Senator Mark Abbib mysteriously vanished overnight and without any ongoing traces / media scrutiny from his ALP and political life.]

We look forward to communicating with you all, and meeting and working with many of you, in the very near future and for the years to come.

Blessings for your safety and protection

Terry and Sue, and all of us (the few of us) at



http://twitter.com/AusFoJJohnson    http://twitter.com/AusF0JJohnson

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