James Johnson, Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor

“James is the author of the dissident plays THE CRUCIBLE and SOYLENT GREEN AND GOLD (amongst others).  His latest projects (Books and Documentary Films “SOLVING DEBTOCRACY – GETTING THE WORLD BACK ON THE PATH TO DEMOCRACY, HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE RULE OF LAW” and “LAWYEROCRACY – HOW LAWYER ELITES HIJACKED OUR GOVERNMENT” will be released in 2012.”

BEc (Hons) LLB. Journalist. Whistleblower. Documentary Film Maker. Constitutional Human Rights Lawyer & Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor (Commonwealth of Australia). Defending Families and Civil & Political Rights and Freedoms.  Advocating Smaller, Open Governments with Lower Taxes and Smaller, Better, Faster Bureaucracy.  Also Advocating Justice & Politics Reforms.  


James is a prominent Australian constitutional lawyer, human rights campaigner, innovative thinker and whistleblower, noted for powerful oratory and written skills, which he puts to good use in the law courts, as a media commentator and as an author, playwrite and filmmaker.

Early Years

James graduated from Monash University in 1986 with a Bachelor of Economics (Class IIA Honours) and again in 1989 with a Bachelor of Laws. James was a full time member of the Monash University Faculty of Economics and Politics during the 1987 and 1988 academic years, teaching and relief-lecturing in mainstream undergraduate microeconomics and macroeconomics subjects.

James is the author of more than a hundred published works on topics as diverse as economics, politics, Australian and world history, law, civil liberties and human rights. From late 1998 until mid 2003 James was a monthly columnist for the Victorian Law Institute Journal.

For 12 years, between 1989 and 2001 James enjoyed a successful commercial law career with not one but two of Australia’s most prominent international law firms (both firms consistently ranked in the top 30 law firms in the world).

In 2001 James turned his back on private legal practice to take up General Counsel roles in the government and private sectors, before returning to private practice in 2007.

A Human Rights Tipping Point

James’ career at law has gone down a remarkably similar pathway (corporate law and taxation, to human rights and politics) as other prominent Australian human rights lawyers such as fellow Melbournian Julian Burnside QC, and ex-pat New South Welshman / “New Englander”, Geoffrey Robertson QC.

In 2007 James’ attention was gripped by the schizoid paradox of Australia’s alarmingly prevalent historical and contemporary constitutional human rights falsehoods. Australia is after all a nation that was foundered in 1778 and continued through 1901 federation even up  to and beyond 1967, on the twin proto- Hitler “lebensraum” principles of White Supremacy (“White Australia Policy”) and compulsory land grabbing for settlement by genocidal persecution against indigenous inhabitants: See item 5 of James’ Political History of Australia. Leading a sheltered,rarefied existence amongst the lawyer-corporate elites it was not until 2007 that James first became aware of the widespread human rights violations being committed against thousands of ordinary Australians and their families every day, by the Australian Government and a large section the Australian legal profession, under guise of the contemporary degeneration of the Whitlam era’s original simple, “no fault” divorce laws, the Family Law Act 1975.

A Political Calling 

On 18 January 2010 (Martin Luther King Day, Public Holiday in the United States of America), James declared himself as an Independent Candidate for the Australian House of Representatives in the “Labor landmark” of his home electorate of Lalor. The current Federal Member for Lalor, Prime Minister Julia Gillard, is an authoritarianism, far-left “Labor Princess” who was implanted into the Lalor electorate by her Australian Labor Party on the 1998 retirement of former quiz-show champion Barry Jones, making Lalor one of the most neglected Federal Electorates in Australia for more than a decade.

In Australia, parliamentarians are not chosen by the people.  Parliamentarians are selected by extra-Constitutional organisations called political parties – mostly by the ‘Big 2′ Political Parties – the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party of Australia.  These political parties have deep, incestuous, connections to the ruling lawyer elite who have for generations before and since federation commanded 99% of all top bureaucratic positions and 100% of all top judicial positions.  General elections, and even by-elections, are regularly  held in Australia, every few years, at State and Federal levels.  At these elections, the people go through the motions of rubber stamping one or other of the political candidates chosen for them by the extra-Constitutional “faceless men and women” as they are quaintly nicknamed in the popular media.  Any Australians who “rebel” against the system by refusing to vote are punished by the Government elite, by being fined (in their tens of thousands) and jailed (in their dozens).  Not the most democratic or humanitarian or civil-righteous of practices for any Government of the elite to inflict on the ordinary classes of the people.

The ‘Big 2′ political parties are of course to all intents and purposes indistinguishable.  Both are filled by parliamentary members and candidates who are 98% from the ruling lawyer political class.  A situation that has existing for at least a couple of generations, if not longer.  So it makes no real difference, whenever there is a change of Government, which of the ‘Big 2′ political parties has the bigger number of parliamentarians ‘in Government’.  And of course, the Australian parliament is notoriously and historically the most feeble of the three branches of government, with so much of the day to day government rule of the people being carried out by the bureaucracy and the judiciary, one could almost say that Australia has in effect dispensed with parliamentary government altogether. Many world and domestic commentators have noted that Australia’s robust Houses of Parliament are internationally notorious, especially the current Australian Federal Parliament, for being little more than gatherings for the propagation of adolescent ribaldry and farce.  Parliamentary question time is notorious for being a sick comedy, a manic parody of parliamentary propriety, that does not reflect well on the Australian peoples generally.

The current generation of ruling lawyer class parliamentarians appear (to paraphrase Lewis Carroll’s Adventures in Wonderland) to be “nothing more than a pack of cads”, taxpayer-funded parliamentarians who seem to be fifth-rate, frustrated comic actors and sideshow performers rather than first-rate men and women of genuine passion  who genuinely represent the members of the electorates whose interests, at least on paper, they are supposed to advocate and serve.

The Burmese and Ugandan Electoral Practices of the Australian Government

The corrupt electoral practices that James has encountered since January 2010 are just another set of demonstrations of how corrupt and how far from democratic Government Australia really is.

  • The Australian Government (via its Australian Electoral Commission) refusing to let James register as a Candidate (no General Electoral Roll of Candidates is kept) until late June 2010 (ie only after the August 2010 Federal Election was called).
  • The Australian Government (via the Australian Electoral Commission) then refused to process James’ valid Candidacy papers – preferring to give ultimate weight to its own shoddy electoral practices, unconstitutional legislation and unconstitutional regulations rather than respecting and complying with relevant requirements of the Australian Constitution. The disparity between James’ private purse and the incumbent Gillard Labor Government’s access to public purses, and the undeniable reality of a heavily stacked and pro-State Australian judiciary and legal profession, not to mention sheer weight of numbers, are formidable barriers to any thoughts of seeking political justice for the peoples of Lalor, and for the peoples of Australia, by seeking to have the High Court of Australia declare Julia Gillard’s 24 August 2010 re-election as the Federal Member for Lalor as Constitutionally and procedurally illegal and invalid.

By way of an encore, for the next General Federal Election the Australian Government (via the Australian Electoral Commission) is in the process of redrawing the electoral boundaries, a quantum leap some 40 kilometres southwards:

  • to cut away approximately 40,000 liberal party voters (about 30% of all registered voters for the Lalor Electorate): and
  • to include approximately the same number, 40,000, new Australian Labor Party voters into the Electorate, even though it means splitting Victoria’s second largest city of Geelong in half, politically speaking. (Geography it seems, is totally irrelevant to the fixing of electoral boundaries in Australia, or, at least, no where near as important as keeping “the result you want” for the Government’s preferred political parties and their candidates at the next election).

The Australian Government (via the Australian Electoral Commission) would seem to be economically and politically unstoppable in redrawing Federal Electoral boundaries in any way that its Department power-brokers see fit. This will mean that in 2013, for the first time since Australia’s Federation in 1901, residents of northern suburbs of Geelong and residents of southern suburbs of Geelong will have different Federal Parliamentarians imposed on them (by the bureaucrats and the extra-Constitutional “Big 2” political parties) – both of whom will no doubt continue to not represent their constitutents interests, regardless of which of the two big political parties selected them for the positions.

A Getting of Wisdom – Australia is a Nation of Winstons “Loved” by Big Brother Government

James is appalled by the Orwellian “Big Brother” nature of Government rule in Australia, including the systemic violations of the human rights and dignities of ordinary Australians, especially parents in the family courts who have never before been “in trouble with the lawyers”.

James remains appalled by the evil torment and abuse inflicted on ordinary Australians in these countless secret, closed hearings that resemble Salem witchcraft sessions, a blood sport for “family” lawyers, where all modern concepts of human rights, due process, rule of law and natural justice seem to have been totally suspended by the Australian government. The lives of ordinary Australians are thrown to the merciless whims of all-powerful, un-balanced and un-checked judicial officials, chosen by so-called “family” lawyers from within their own ranks and reflecting their own lawyer class wants and interests rather than the interests, wants, rights and entitlements of ordinary Australians.

Generations of Governing Class Australians (98% of them lawyers) have inflicted all manner of human rights atrocities, beginning with the British economic refuges and Irish political prisoners sent to Australia during the penal era, to the genocides practised against native aboriginals and poor working classes that began during the colonial era. Australia’s “modern” human rights record is plainly visible in our foreign affairs.

  • Just look at the continuing economic and legal and social abuses of our aboriginal communities, and our imprisonment without processing of asylum seeking refugees.
  • Just look at the story of Julian Assange, an Australian abroad in Europe who has been under house arrest for more than a year in Britain, (with huge personal securities paid to the British Government just to keep him on the outside of a real prison cell) even though he has not been charged with any crime by any of the 193 members of the united nations.

Just look at the plight of 100,000 Australia families processed every year by Australia’s corrupted, unconstitutional and killer family courts. This is a system of corruption on an industrial scale, “built-owned-operated’ by and for lawyers, redistributing $40 billion more distressed family wealth plus $10 billion of taxpayers wealth into lawyers pockets with Nazi-like precision. It produces family and society shattering outcomes such as the 12 “Child Support Agency Clients” (political unSpeak for beat dead parents, mostly dads, stripped of parental contact, responsibilities and rights) who, beaten up and abused by Government and lawyers, die every day.100,000 new sets of children enter the Family Court for the first time every year, to become hostages in a bizarre non-humanitarian custody ritual, as lawyers literally tear families apart, while lip-sync’ing the motto “in the best interests of the child”.  Most of these children will (like Julian Assange) lose 9 years of their lives (their childhood and/or adolescence) to the Courts of lawyers.  Their out-of court life being thrown into poverty and welfare-dependency, one third will lose (by order of the Court) all contact with one of their biological parents (usually the biological father).  Family lawyers sowing the seeds of another crop of social and matrimonial failures, the next generation of family law plaintiffs and defendants – a permanent and growing social underclass to sustain the greeds and the needs of the next generation of the 30,000 predatory family lawyers whose own fam

  • ilies live very well off the fat of the divorce estates and the taxpayers funds they collect through the Australian family law courts.

“Too many Australian and world lawyers wish to remain or pretend ignorance and/or participants in these Australian Government foreign affairs and internal affairs human rights atrocities.”

Being a man of “the humblest of beginnings”, James cannot close his eyes to these outrages.  This has earned James the repeated wrath of many powerful figures in the legal and government establishment who continue to  seek ways to silence him.  These government agents’ and agencies’ criminal reprisals have at various times forced James to live in exile, “with-outlawed” (without legal rights and without protections of the law). James continues to be forced, by corrupt government agents and agencies to protect and todefend himself from a monotonous array of repeated McCarthyist attacks. These coordinated attacks, (which on paper are criminal reprisals against a whistleblower attracting serious jail sentences if the persecutors would only be prosecuted and convicted – by themselves) repeatedly emanate from within a wagon-wheeled circle of a lawyer-run government and para-government organisations – a publicly-funded, lawyer-dominated cartel of  rogue, corrupted government agencies and para-government agencies that operate outside of and put themselves beyond the reach of the laws that they supposedly administer and, having long freed themselves from any internal or external government checks or balances, ultimately refuse to comply with themselves, or hold each other accountable to and for their industrial scale violations.

Leading Australia – Towards The Path To Democracy, Human Rights and The Rule of Law 

Since 2007 James has acquired a portfolio of involvement in important human rights causes and cases in Australia, defending ordinary Australians from Government abuse in areas such as family rights, child rights, marriage rights, elder rights, indigenous rights, political rights,

Defending other civil and political rights of ordinary Australians (including demands for Government recognition of same sex marriage relationships)

Unlike Government funded (and therefore Government ‘captured’ and ‘controlled’) Australian human rights lawyers and Australian human rights associations that focus their energies on the human rights abuses of marginalised Australians, James focuses his energies (and his private purse) on speaking out for and acting against the far greater volume of Government and Lawyer human rights abuses ofordinary (‘normalised’) Australians.

“James is an outspoken advocate for independent (ie non-lawyer controlled) investigations of sections of the Australian legal profession, the judiciary and legal regulators, ombudsmen, police, politicians (98% of whom are lawyers) and other taxpayer funded Government legal institutions that seem to have become infected with the lawyers culture – a “holier than thou” syndrome that has sheltered and even judicially and politically sanctified crime and corruption, legal nonsense and political and economic ineptitude including the wholesale abandonment of any serious pretence of human rights or rule of law for Australians.”

James has also pledged himself an active campaigner for constitutional, political and justice reforms, recognising that widespread corruption and human rights abuse are just symptoms of bigger problems that occur whenever government grows so big and so invasive of every detail of ordinary daily affairs that government leaves no room for the roles of the four other pillars of civilised society, the individual, the family, the community and the church, which as little as 3 generations ago once played significant roles in regulating and enhancing the day to day well-being of ordinary daily life.

Recognising the formidable barriers to justice that exist in a legal system that has been fully-designed, built, owned and operated by and for the ruling Australian lawyer political elite for generations, and seeking to warn and to inform wider audiences, James has turned the stories and transcripts from several important human rights cases into screen plays for theatre and cinema projects. These include James’ first three screen plays “The Crucible”“Soylent Green and Gold” and “Seven Little Australians.”

James is currently working on his latest projects:

  • a book and screenplay “Solving Debtocracy – Getting the World back on the Path to Democracy, Human Rights and the Rule of Law.” which he intends to complete in record time to give political, economic and legal explanations and support for the non-violent Occupy Movements that have swept the world since the Occupy Egypt movement began on January 25 2011; and

“Solving Debtocracy and Lawyerocracy will be released in 2012.


You can contact James:

  • By SMS (text only, and only from within Australia) sent to: 0401 865 914 (please note that there is no voice answer or voice message service attached to this account, so text only please.)
  • By Twitter or by Facebook (see links above and on the home page at this Blog).
  • By Mail to PO BOX 6137 Point Cook Town Centre, Point Cook, Victoria 3030, Australia.

All information that you send to James (including your identity and contact details) will be kept strictly confidential and private. No personal or identifying information will be disclosed or used in any way without your consent.

Please understand that all of James political actions (and any associated actions in the law courts and in the media) are funded entirely out of James’ private purse – which has been aggressively pounded by unlawful reprisal and other McCarthyist actions of the Australian lawyer-ruled government.  Obviously James’ private purse is no match for the taxation and spending powers of the Australian Government and its many taxpayer-funded, lawyer-filled agencies and institutions.

Please also understand that within Australia alone, there are tens of thousands of Australian human rights victims of the Australian Government – victims of the the de-humanising and human rights abusing internal affairs and foreign affairs practises of our taxpayer-funded governmen and governwomen.

Just as the Australian Government could not afford to admit, to recognise, to apologise and to compensate the thousands of living Australian victims of Government human rights abuse (let alone the equally widespread abuses inflicted on previous generations) it is not possible for James to assist all or even many of the victims and whistleblowers who come forward to me – no matter how much James wishes he could help everybody.

James Johnson, Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor  

(Published: 05/26/2011. Last Updated: 03/21/2012)

Things that have been said about James

“Political dissident, constitutional human rights lawyer, politician, playwright and activist James Johnson knows all about living with the consequences of being persecuted, being “with-outlawed,” and being oppressed by McCarthyist lawyerist-government attacks for speaking up and out against corruption within government and, especially within the hidden fourth estate, the legal profession, the 1% of the ruling class 1% that controls the government in Australia, like lawyerist- governments do in much of the Western world and the rest of the Restern world that is subjugated to Western debtocracy money supply controls – debtocracy writ globally at large through the legal and financial centres of the world.”  

“Paradoxically (or perhaps, more truthfully, causatively) with more than two decades of top-tier experience of solving political-financial-legal problems for powerful multinational corporations, State and local governments, James is one of the few lawyer-trained economists, an educated commoner, who can not only speak for the 99% by articulating the dominant root causes for the undemocratic debtocratic political and economic perils facing the world today, but James can even articulate the non-violent ‘hasten slowly’ measures necessary to transcend three centuries of debtocratic world rule to create a new world order of truly independent nations of participatory democracies with genuine respect for constitutional government, human rights and rule of law – not the lipserving kind that our schizoid current debtocracy leaders of our current world governments say to us (while doing the opposite to us) with their managed democracy through their managed media and their lawyer-elite governments of the 99% by the 1% for the 1%.”

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http://www.jamesjohnson2020.com  http://www.jamesjohnsonohr.weebly.com & http://www.twitter.com/JamesJohnsonCHR  


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