The People are Speaking

… ☞☞☞ … Lawyerocracy On Trial: PM Gillard, AG Roxon, MHR Turnbull, 9 MPs, 16 Judges, 10 Govt Agency Heads &more Summoned for @21May12 Hearings #auspol … ☞☞☞ …

I am encouraged and enheartened by the positive messages of encouragement and support I have received from victims and survivors of Australia’s genocidal family courts, our ruling lawyerocracy and debtocracy, over the past 24 hours.

Over 100 members of the public and media turned up at short notice to the start of the hearings on Monday 21 May 2012.  Their responses, and the responses from several public meetings held so far (with more than 100 people at every meeting) and via my radio interviews to date have been overwhelming.  There is every reason to expect many more than a 100 members of the public (and many more in the press gallery) when the hearings resume at 10 am on 6 July 2012.

More importantly, a better informed public is now gathering momentum to lobby State and Federal Government to “turn back the clock” to 2004, to reintroduce ethical and legal standards of conduct for the legal profession, to clean up the mess that a frightfully conniving pair of Victorian publicly-funded, lawyer-dominated government agencies created when they contrived to have the High Court of Australia affirm the absence of legal standards of care for (7,000) Australian barristers and to abolish legal standards of care for (77,000) Australian solicitors – making Australian the only country since 2000 to retain such “special lawyers” for barristers, and the only country ever, and only since 2004, to create the same “special laws” for solicitors.    

I am endeavouring to respond personally to everyone who writes to me to offer good wishes and support.

And, while I cannot hope to reproduce every goodwill message here on this blog, I shall from time to time over the next fortnight be publishing some of the more encouraging and remarkable survival stories that people are kind enough to share with me.

Every one who endures, every one who survives the horrific genocidal practices of our unconstitional, killer family law courts, and every one who survives the aboriginating greed and abuse of our debtocracy laws, every one of you is a hero in my books, every one who survives being arrested for “tresspassing” in a “public space” [the modern reincarnation of the 1200s and 1800s enclosure laws ?], every one of you is a hero, a Gandhi and a Martin Luther King, a List full of Schindlers, no matter how bad the scars you carry from the maulings unjustly and unlawfully inflicted on you.

The following is just one message I have received over the past 24 hours. With my next blog post, I will post a copy of my thank you letter in reply to “Strawman”, along with a few of the other amazing messages of encouragement:

James Johnson, Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor


STRAWMAN (6:14 PM (17 hours ago)

James Johnson – a Lawyer/Barrister is putting Lawyerrocracy on trial… .. All Melbournians – put it in your diary 21st May at 10am @ 55 King St Melbourne… Not To Be Missed

Hi James,

I am a friend of Matt Norman’s & we too are fighting to hang onto our home through the illegal practices of the banks. There are so many of us now in this situation.

We had our 5 hour appeal in December last year in Supreme Court Melbourne – when not one shred of our evidence was looked at, the banks did not provide one single document that was subpoenaed and we were ambushed and railroaded by corrupt lawyers & judges beyond anything most people can even imagine.

We are now in the process of the banks trying to evict us….. it is not fun at all.


Do you take on any new cases?


If so, I would love to talk to you as I have a few ideas on how to save our home and would love to set a precedent in this country as there has not been one single win for a defendant fighting “foreclosure” in Australia, yet other countries have stopped the process very successfully.


Our problem has always been trying to find an ethical lawyer to help us who would not sell us out – and up until now – I thought that they did not exist…..

We started a class action last year – only to have the lawyer run off with all the $$ & only ever represent one person (of the 100 in the action) and was obviously told by the powers-to-be to stop the action & disappear – which he did. Most of us are exhausted, almost bankrupt & scathing of the legal profession and judicial system. It would be so nice to have our faith restored in finding a lawyer who gives a damn & prepared to go the hard yards to expose the truth.


Anyway, I have heard of your trial on 21st May & I am rallying the troops to be there to support you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hear Ye Hear Ye – All Melbournians Come & Witness Lawyerocracy on Trial

This courageous lawyer – James Johnson – needs our support while he takes on the corruption within the legal fraternity & judicial system ….….   

On 21 May 2012 the Victorian Government is conducting an inquiry into the absence of professional standards in the Australian (legal) profession, and at the broad intersection of the legal profession with the upper benches of all three branches of State and Federal government (benches that these days look like little more than an exclusive lawyers club)

This unprecedented and history making trial starts at 10.00 am on Monday 21 May 2012 & will be held at 55 King Street, Melbourne.

This hearing (sub-named Michael McGarvie – Legal Services Commissioner v Harold James Johnson) will be the biggest Australian whistleblowing, corruption exposing, media event of 2012.

48 yo Melbourne-born journalist, whistleblower, political activist & human rights lawyer  will lead a Victorian Government Tribunal (and an A-List Roll Call of some of the very good, many of the very bad, and lots of the very ugly of Australia’s ruling legal elite) through a thorough investigation into the absence of professional standards in the Australian legal profession.  The investigations will include the broad intersection of the legal profession with the upper benches of all three branches of State and Federal Government in Australia.

A “who’s-who” of many of Australia’s most powerful lawyers, including current and past State and Federal parliamentarians, ministers, judges, bureaucrats and barristers have been summoned to attend for questioning by the Tribunal. [names and details to be published here, shortly.]

This is an open invitation to the media and to the public to attend the hearings.  Come and, look, listen, laugh and learn as leading Australian lawyers, lawmakers, governmen and governwomen (the Australian lawyerocracy elite) are put on trial and compelled to answer questions that they have been avoiding, for generations.


A Quick Introduction to Lawyerocracy on Trial

This must rank as one of the more singularly stupid examples of unelected government officialdom gone wrong, misusing public monies and regulatory powers to pursue a political agenda of silencing a truth-teller and a whistleblower.

Mr Michael McGarvie, the privileged younger son of former Governor of Victoria, Richard McGarvie, and himself the former Chief Executive Officer of the Supreme Court of Victoria and the current, bicephalous Victorian Legal Services Commissioner and Chief Executive of the Legal Services Board is doing his utmost to become the first Victorian government official to be jailed (for up to 2 years) for criminal reprisals against a whistleblower – in violation of section 18 of the still untested Victorian Whistleblower Protection Act 2001).

James Johnson is highly regarded for his “very high” intelligence, and his “impressive” natural abilities as lawyer, economist, journalist, playwright, filmmaker and raconteur. James is a whistleblower on government and lawyer corruption, a constitutional human rights solicitor and barrister of more than twenty-years good standing, including many professional and corporate appointments, including 3 years as Chairman of the Law Institute of Victoria’s GST Taskforce and 5 years as a monthly columnist for the prestigious Victorian Law Institute Journal.

Mr Michael McGarvie and his team of more than a dozen of his staff are illegally harassing Mr Johnson for a 3rd time, trampling on the most fundamental of human rights, by pursuing yet again the same set of malicious, criminally defamatory, false claims of professional misconduct that were levied against Mr Johnson over 3years ago, and investigated and dismissed by his office and delegates 2¾ times previously.

Ironically (and damningly) at the same time Mr McGarvie and his team are refusing to comply with two sets of Supreme Court rulings (obtained by Mr Johnson in late 2008 and again in 2009) where the Supreme Court confirmed (contrary to the wishes of Mr McGarvie’s Office, and the wishes of his disgraced predecessor Ms Victoria Marles) that his Office was legally obliged to investigate Mr Johnson’s whistleblowing reports on the criminal behaviours of his false accusers. 

It seems that:

  • in blatant contravention of UN and international human rights laws and declarations, far older and ancient English laws of human rights going back to 1215 and 1689 (Royal British laws recognised in the United States and even in places like Guantanamo Bay, but not in Australia), 

  • in violation of the Australian Constitution, and concepts of justice, democracy and

  • and in violation of the rule of law 

Australia’s elite twenty-first century lawyers (3 of whom remain amongst our current 7 High Court of Australia judges) have abolished or treated with ignorance and  contempt (over Justice Michael Kirby’s most powerful dissent) centuries of constitutional human rights to equality under the law.  They have done this, in order to create this unique Australian paradise where Australian litigation lawyers are not only “more equal than other” Australians, but are elevated to a privileged status above and beyond the law.  Why? And how can this be legitimate?

Come along to the Lawyerocracy on Trial on 21 May 2012, 55 King Street Melbourne:

  • To find out if the High Court, and corrupted legal regulatory ‘god fathers’ like Michael McGarvie, Victoria Marles and Steve Marks have all but abolished professional standards for lawyers.

  • And to find out if they can use their regulatory powers and run a protection racket protecting bad lawyers from investigation, and even from public criticism.

  • And to find out if they can get away with taking their protection racket to a new level by defying Whistleblower Protection legislation and Supreme Court rulings, abusing their government powers and public funding to engage in serial reprisals to silence whistleblowers such as James Johnson (all  the while not going after so many other whistleblowers such as former legal regulator Kate Hammond, or former Attorney-Generals or former Supreme Court and High Court Judges, and all the while defying Supreme Court of Victoria orders by actively covering-up and refusing to even investigate open and shut cases of criminality and corruption against James Johnson’s false accusers).

    About James Johnson CHR

  • Solicitor & Barrister of the High Court of Australia (Celebrating 20 yrs of legal practice 1990 – 2010), Constitutional Human Rights Lawyer & Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor (Commonwealth of Australia). Advocating Smaller, Open Governments with Lower Taxes and Smaller, Faster, Better Bureaucracy. Also Advocating Justice & Politics Reforms. Defending Families & Civil Rights and Freedoms.


   Let’s spread this far & wide and get a packed gallery to support James…

… To Be Continued … 


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