Join us in Box Hill this Australia Day for the start of Operation Restore the Law

Friends of James Johnson are pleased to announce that we will start our 2 year campaign “Operation Restore the Law” this Australia Day, Friday 25 January 2013 in Victorian Attorney-General Robert Clark’s State Electorate of Box Hill.

The key points of “Operation Restore the Law” are set out in James Johnson’s 2 page Media Release of June 2012:

We need as many more volunteers and activists to join us in this 2 year campaign (running right up until the next Victorian State Election on 26 November 2014).  So if you can join us this weekend, please contact us via email at .  Even if you can’t join us this weekend, if you have half a day or more to spare between now and 26 November 2014 (the more days the merrier) please contact us.  We want to have doors in Mr Clark’s electorate knocked, and community discussion growing louder and stronger, every day between now and that next election next year.

Below is the text of our letter today to Attorney-General Robet Clark asking him to tell us (publicly) whether he  agrees or disagrees with James Johnson’s and Friends of James Johnson’s demands that he turn back the clock on our ‘above the law’ lawyers a whole 8 years, back to 2005 when our 100,000 lawyers used to be subject to the same laws and legal professional standards and independent regulation as all 22 million other Australians (and 100% of lawyers in every other country in the world).

This is followed by the text of our letter to Queensland Senior Counsel (Barrister) Stephen Keim SC (Mr Keim successfully represents, amongst other injustice victims, Paul Hogan, Doctor Haneef and ex-Gitmo detainee David Hicks.  You can access online copies of the first two attachments (a) via the above link; and (b) via our two previous log posts :

(1) and mirrored at

 (2) (apologies for the colouration problem) and mirrored at

while the third of these attachments we prefer to keep “confidential on legal and humanitarian grounds” until a later time  – it’s contents are every bit as explosive and confirmatory of what James Johnson writes.

Finally a reminder, we need as many citizens, journalists and citizen-journalists as we can muster, to turn up to VCAT on 30 January 2013 (2pm at 55 King Street Melbourne) to protest these political crimes.  Remember James is being vilified and persecuted for speaking out against a corrupt system of law and government (bureaucracy) that preys on tens of thousands of Australian families, hundreds of thousands of Australian women, men and children, every year – stripping them of their lives and their assets in order to fatten the pockets and lives of and a privileged few 100,000 lawyers (probably no more than 20,000 lawyer families at all preying on 5 million or fewer non-lawyer families, as farmers and meat processors slaughter their cattle.  Graphic analogy? yes.  But far from the truth? No.

So this Australia Day (25 January 2013) at Box Hill, and 5 days later at VCAT (30  January 2013) it is up to us citizens to stand up and say no more to these tyrants of the legal profession / government who put us beneath the law while exalting themselves to be above it.

Blessings (and stay positive)

Terry and Sue, for and on behalf of



Friends of James Johnson



sms: +61 0402 094 047

post: GPO Box 2354 Brisbane Queensland Australia 4000


Martin Luther King Day, 21 January 2013

Hon Mr Robert Clark

Hon MLA for Box Hill

Attorney-General for Victoria

24 Rutland Road

Box Hill Victoria Australia 3126

By Facsimile: 03 9890 7180 (22 pages)

(Telephone: 03 9890 6606)

Dear Mr Clark

All the Attorney-General’s Men – VCAT Political Show Trial and Crime Spree – VCAT Matter J134/2011 – Final Costs Hearing on 30 January 2013 at 2pm (55 King St, Melbourne)

We are writing to you to protest the sickening political crimes perpetrated against one of Australia’s most talented and ethical human rights lawyers, whistleblowers and playwrights, Mr James Johnson.

Mr Johnson is truly Australia’s invisible whistleblower and internal-exiled political dissident, working tirelessly on behalf of all disenfranchised Australians. And he needs and deserves your 100% support and protection. More strongly than that, he has Constitutional, common law and statutory rights to demand and be given your 100% support and protection.

As a preliminary matter, we advise that campaigners from FRIENDS OF JAMES JOHNSON will begin doorknocking in your Box Hill electorate this “Australia Day” Friday 25 January (a fitting date, you will surely agree) and Saturday . We will be continuing this campaign every week and weekend, right the way up until the next Victorian State election in November 2014. Please refer to our website log entry for details:

We invite you to let us know as soon as possible, preferably before close of business Thursday 24 January 2012 whether we have your support for Mr Johnson and the FRIENDS OF JAMES JOHNSON law reform / law restore agenda detailed at our above link?

If we do not hear from you (eg by email) before 10 am on Friday morning hours we will advise your constituents, non-commitally, that you are “considering” but have not yet given any indications” regarding our demands. As a professional courtesy, if you are not up to your “Doc Evatt” opportunity to represent Mr Johnson at VCAT before your bureaucrats on Wednesday 30 January 2013 then obviously the sooner you have the courtesy to let Mr Johnson know (via us), clearly the better for all concerned. Since it is not safe for Mr Johnson to be in Victoria these days, let alone in a corrupt, armed citiadel such as VCAT, if you are going to fail him, your constitents, all Victorians and all Australians by a “no show” on Wednesday, the sooner you let Mr Johnson (via us) know, the better.

As we have informed you previously, we at FRIENDS OF JAMES JOHNSON would very much like to be campaigning for you, towards your re-election during the next two years. But that will depend on your signalling to us, sooner rather than later, your strong endorsement of the key law reforms / law restores that Mr Johnson has highlighted – for example in his media release of June 2012 (further copy attached – see below).

In recent times Mr Johnson has been forced to go even deeper under cover on account of heightened levels of aggression – both within VCAT / legal system and aggression of the more violent criminal kind that has passed unprosecuted and unpoliced in the background to the corruption against him in the courts and tribunals and government agencies and law offices.

We attach to this letter a copy of our letter today to Mr Stephen Keim SC of the Brisbane Bar. Doubling up on what Mr Johnson has already sent you this week, we include further copies of all 3 attachments listed on the first page thereof. LOOK HOW DEEP the corruption grows.

This is a frightening story of corruption and endurance isn’t it? And there is a long way to go yet as the battle has really only just begun.

One of the reasons that these bureaucrats are so arrogant in their ability to abuse their powers is the sheer audacity of their misconduct. Good men such as yourselves, Mr Keim and, even for a long time Mr Johnson himself, just can’t believe that any “men of the law” holding important public offices would ever contemplate such evil. Then there is the lack of checks and balances and accountabilities. This corruption has been going on for so long that the only people higher up in government to receive whistleblowing complaints about these corrupt and criminal activities are at least as corrupt (and therefore switch into cover-up mode) as they ones being complained about. They have been getting away with it for so long. They have weight of numbers. And it is so easy for them to paint even a saint like Mother Teresa as a blood sucking vampire and a monster like Count Dracula as a champion of human rights and social justice – because who will the media and time-poor and pressured general public believe, all of them men in serious government positions, or a guy living out of two suitcases with one foot on the streets, like James Johnson today? But here it is, all in undeniable, beyond any measure of a doubt, proof on VCAT, court and other government records and transcripts, and in signed lawyers’ letters and documents.

We can add that we have known Mr Johnson since he was at primary school. He truly is the most gifted, generous and amazing of people. He takes after his mother in that regard. If anybody is going to be the catalyst for bringing these corrupt lawyers and bureaucrats to real justice, Nuremberg-style, then James is the man who will bring together enough of the right sorts of people to do that.

Please consider what you can do to further these causes, including the all important cause of keeping James safe, housed, fed and resourced so that he can carry on with this important work. James tells us that the corrupt Victorian Legal Services Commissioner scheme is modelled on the New South Wales scheme about which there is just as much public complaining. And of course the world first and Australia only 2005 D’Orta-Ekenaike decision – a decision by 6 out of 7 of Australia’s top lawyers to exempt solicitors (ie the other 90% of the legal profession) from otherwise universal laws of professional duties of care – operates nationally, even if it was funded by corrupt Victorian government agencies, Victoria Legal Aid and Victoria’s Legal Practitioners Liability Committee. Just consider who else but a fine legal mind like James’ could root out the hidden history of the Law Institute of Victoria, which was abolished (as a government institution) and even outlawed (as to the use of its name) by the Victorian Government of Jeff Kennett and Jan Wade, as recently as 15 years ago and expose the evil shenanigans of its corporate successor, the Law Institute of Victoria Limited (originally known as Victorian Lawyers RPA Limited).

Just as we ask Mr Keim in the attached letter, we ask you to do what you can to raise legal, political and media exposure of these crimes against Mr Johnson, which are crimes against all Victorians and Australians, and to garner and to give as much support as we can collectively muster, internationally, nationally and down in Melbourne for Mr Johnson for 30 January 2013 and beyond.

Blessings to you Sir from

Terry and Sue, on behalf of



Friends of James Johnson



sms: +61 0402 094 047

post: GPO Box 2354 Brisbane Queensland Australia 4000




Martin Luther King Day, 21 January 2013


Mr Stephen Keim SC

H B Higgins Chambers

Level 29

239 George Street

By Facsimile: +61 (07) 3221 7781 (19 pages)

(Telephone: +61 (07) 3221 2182)



Dear Mr Keim SC


All the Attorney-General’s Men – VCAT Political Show Trial and Crime Spree – VCAT Matter J134/2011 – Final Costs Hearing on 30 January 2013 at 2pm (55 King St, Melbourne)


We are writing to inform you of sickening political crimes perpetrated against one of Australia’s most talented and ethical human rights lawyers, whistleblowers and playwrights, Mr James Johnson.


We attach to this 4 page letter a further 15 pages of materials, being:


  1. a copy of Mr Johnson’s covering 8 page letter of 20 January 2013 to Victorian Attorney-General Robert Clark which describes the sickening nature of what these corrupt “judicial members” of this unconstitutional government (ie “non-judicial”) body known as VCAT have conspired with Victoria’s crooked (and self-confessed) “less than 10% of” Legal Services Commissioner Michael Keith McGarvie, to do to Mr Johnson;


  1. a copy of Mr Johnson’s 2 page media release of June 2012 titled “Whistleblower aims to restore justice to the law” (with its 3 point plan and extensive further reading links)


  1. a copy of a distressing 5 page memorandum from the senior member of the three citizen non-lawyer defence team who represented Mr Johnson in VCAT (on limited basis) after it became too dangerous for Mr Johnson to contemplate parleying in person with these corrupt officials after 6 July 2012 in their corrupt, armed, unconstitutional citadels;


During a series of most irregular and drawn out VCAT hearings in May and July 2012, and climaxing over September, October and November 2012 Mr Johnson was handed a purported 2 ½ year ban from practising law by an unconstitutional VCAT, without a trial, without proper charges, on false allegations and false documents dismissed 2 ¾ times previously by the prosecuting Legal Services Commissioner, with no witnesses or evidence ever produced against him or made available for cross-examination. In fact VCAT actively conspired with the Legal Services Commissioner and several other government agencies to ensure that none of Mr Johnson’s false accusers would be required or compelled to give evidence or be exposed to cross-examined – even after Mr Johnson demanded they be produced and had summonses issued to compel them to testify against him. And in the background to all this, all four of Mr Johnson’s false accusers in VCAT, including the Legal Services Commissioner are the subject of multi-million dollar Supreme Court counterclaims Mr Johnson filed against them and 10 others (mostly lawyers) over 4 years ago – on grounds of professional / public misconduct, negligence, fraud and (criminal) defamation.

This is a Victorian Legal Services Commissioner whose corruption and incompetence was roundly condemned by the Victorian State Government Ombudsman’s 2009 Annual Report to Parliament. A failed legal regulator who is in defiance of a pair of 2008 and 2009 Victorian Supreme Court rulings to the effects (a) that he has a statutory duty to police 100% (not just 10%) of the Victorian legal profession; and (b) that he should investigate Mr Johnson’s substantial complaints of fraudulent family law solicitors and barristers, going back to 2008 and 2009 (rather than seeking a lifetime ban against Mr Johnson in circumstances where the regulator not only has no regulatory powers but there is nothing to justify any form of discipline against Mr Johnson – not even a caution.

This false conviction would make Mr Johnson the first lawyer in Australian history to be struck out for being a litigant, not a litigator, at a time when he was not even practising law – an absolute farce made all the worse given that the court transcripts that VCAT refused to allow into evidence prove there was never any impropriety in Mr Johnson’s behaviour in the Federal Magistrates’ Court hearing in October 2008 on which these false allegations have been retrospectively fabricated.

This rubber-stamping in VCAT of these turgid false allegations against Mr Johnson has also come about after an absolute failure of the VCAT and LSC bureaucrats to even pretend that they were following due process. You can read about this in Mr Johnson’s attached 8 page letter. So bad has their conduct been, so self-incriminating on their own VCAT records of proceedings that they have resorted to refusing to issue proper audio recordings of the proceedings and using armed security guards and secret hearings without notice to Mr Johnson to keep the public from witnessing the spectacle. And to avoid further self-incriminations (and possibilities of being prosecuted or being held accountable in other ways for their corruption) in late November 2012 VCAT announced they would no longer make cost effective audio recordings available to tribunants “effective immediately.”

Demonstrating that he truly has one of the best legal and political minds of his generation (he says he is “48 going on 1984”), only a man of Mr Johnson’s rare intellectual and ethical talents and good graces could keep his composure while under such massive and sustained attack from criminals on the benches inside and outside of the legal / government system, all the while living under violent attacks and enduring years of forced interstate exile and extreme economic poverty.

These corrupt bureaucrats deny reality by declaring “Mr Johnson is not a whistleblower” (by the way he blew the whistle on this entire VCAT process in a letter to key government officials way back in January 2009 – a fact and letter (a red folder of a 100 pages of materials). He terrified these bureaucrats in VCAT with it on 6 July 2012 simply by mentioning it. Mr Johnson stays cool, waiting to see “the whites of their eyes” before stating the obvious, “VCAT is not Constitutional” and “VCAT has never been anything but an unconstitutional and invalid Star Chamber.”

As you can see in even his brief 8 page overview letter Mr Johnson not only keeps his composure, but reports the corruption against him (and the hundreds of other Aussies he has helped, free of charge, over his four plus years pilgrimage) in its broader, sweeping historical context by references to Australian witch-hunts against Scientologists (in the 1970s), Communist Party members (of the ALP) in the 1950s, the history of White Australia Policy / Apartheid, Germany’s Nuremberg Trials of the 1950s (where most of those prosecuted were, apparently, bureaucrat-lawyers), the British civil services corruptions of the British White Raj (as impacted upon Mohindas Gandhi and the “Bengali Bapus”), the “Bleak [Law] Houses” and “Circumlocution Offices” of Westminster of Charles Dickens’ days, and Franz Kafka’s German Weimar Republic, along with impressive Justice / Professor Richard A Posner style analyses and estimates of the macro- micro- and meso- economics of the whole dirty business and its social costs and misery to the broad Australian community.

The corruption against Mr Johnson resumes next Wednesday 30 January 2013 at 2pm at VCAT, 55 King Street Melbourne with a scandalous final “costs hearing.” These power-drunk and corrupt bureaucrats want to draw every inch of blood out of Mr Johnson’s stony composure by ordering him to pay alleged costs of a secret all-government hearing held on 17 May 2012 (“a day [and a half] before the trial began” as Mr Johnson describes it for effect) where corrupt VCAT officials ruled that Mr Johnson would not be allowed to bring any evidence into VCAT to defend himself (never mind “best evidence rules etc”) – seemingly didn’t even deserve an opportunity to explain why the documents and people that he had had summonsed were relevant and material to the issues in the case. We are sure you will see the corruption and constitutional violations inherent in this staggering bureaucratic claim. We hope you are as appalled and drawn to action, as we are.

We are sure you will recognise in these documents, and in James a “kindred spirit.” We hope that you are motivated to assist him. Neither Mr Johnson nor ourselves believe there is much chance that Victorian Attorney-General Robert Clark will even comprehend, let alone appreciate the “Doc Evatt Moment” that Mr Johnson has afforded him through this process of appointing him as erstwhile representative for this final 30 January 2013 VCAT witch hunting. History suggests that his lawyer-bureaucrats on staff may well go as far as hiding all this correspondence from him.

We understand that you, along with several other top Australian Queens’ Counsellors and barristers, have accepted a brief from James, in the context of the flotilla of test cases James has organised to take to the High Court of Australia to have it revisit and repeal the crooked decisions that Legal Aid Victoria / Legal Practitioners Liability Committee purchased in D’Orta-Ekenaike v Victoria Legal Aid and another (a barrister), subject of course to your usual fee of $11,000 per day being met. Mr Johnson is endeavouring to compel legal aid funding, the engagement of top tier national law firms as your instructors and private philanthropic sources to fund these multi-million dollar High Court proceedings on behalf of all Australians (point 1 of his June 2012 media release). Mr Johnson’s role will be 100% non-lawyer in these proceedings – that of organiser, fund-raiser and paymaster.

Should you wish to read more about the circumstances of this extraordinary political crime spree against Mr Johnson, we have posted the full 40 pages of documentation on our website and on James’ website (which we are now managing for him). We have also posted copies of the full text of Mr Johnson’s letter to Victorian Attorney-General Robert Clark of 31 December 2012 and (by way of a background ‘fact sheet’ to the underlying fraudulent State and Federal court proceedings against Mr Johnson) the text of his 31 December VCAT appeal document. These are (2) and (3) in the links that follow. We highly recommend these as important background to Mr Johnson’s story of corruption:

(1) and mirrored at

(2) (apologies for the colouration problem) and mirrored at

(3) and mirrored at

(4) and mirrored at

(5) and

(7) and


We are sure you will agree that is one impressive professional resume – way beyond the achievements of any of the 100s of government-salaried-for-life lawyer-bureaucrats witch-hunting him.

We ask you to consider the morality and ethics of Mr Johnson’s situation and the overwhelming unconstitutional misuse of power, and resources of the state, the unbelievable conceited corruption of the Victorian bureaucrats and government legal agencies. If Mr Johnson is not good enough to be a lawyer (bearing in mind that in 20 years he has never stolen a penny, never cheated his taxes, never had a client complain about him etc etc), how soon will the government strike off the 99.99% of lawyers who don’t even measure up to a quarter of his professional standards and achievements?

As one of Australia’s few, and few genuine, human rights advocates with international legal and media recognition, we ask you to do what you can to raise legal, political and media exposure of these crimes against Mr Johnson, which are crimes against all Victorians and Australians, and to garner as much support for Mr Johnson for 30 January 2013 as we can collectively muster.

Blessings to you Sir from

Terry and Sue, on behalf of




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